60cc kit without Amal carb

Does anyone know how a 60cc speed kit responds to a stock Tomos carb? I found out that moped world sells 60cc piston and cylinder kit for $175. My 94 Sprint is already equiped with a speed sprocket and a biturbo. I could instal the kit no problem, I just don't know if the stock carb (although jetted) will keep up with the upgrade.

Thanks for the help!!

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Re: 60cc kit without Amal carb

I dont think you would get the most peformence out of the 60 cc cylender unless you had the bigger amal carb. Also im pretty sure that you would need the biturbo 2 piece exhaust with the bore kits. If i were you i would sell your other biturbo on ebay or something and then just save up for the full 60 cc or 70 cc kit.

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