Ciao Moped - Headlights don't work


I have a 1971 Ciao Normal C7N1t. It's got a large black teardrop shaped headlight mounted between the handlebars. As far as I know the headlight was disconected purposfully because it drained the battery. So I tried to fix it my self and I just don't understand how the switch is set up. To complicate matters, the instruction manual shows a different style (smaller and way more angular and boxy looking) of headlamp, and lists all the wiring with different colors.

Does anyone know if it is illegal in california to drive a moped without a functioning headlamp during the day? Would I even be able to register it if the headlamp doesn't work?

The other question I have is weather or not well--The decompression cable broke (that funny knob thing at the end came unspliced) and In order to shut the moped off I jerry-rigged an electric kill switch. I was fortunate because somewhere the ignition had an interlock (dont ask me why!) and I was able to extend it to run up into the handle bars to where the speedometer should be (but isn't cuase there never was one). So I was wondering if having an electrical kill might cause some potential damage to a machine that normaly is supposed to be decompressed when it is shut off.

Anyway, you can view my moped (if you so desire) at


RE: Ciao Moped - Headlights don't work

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RE: Ciao Moped - Headlights don't work

<HTML>California has an "automatic headlights on" law for motorcycles since 1975. I owned a Puch,Peugeot, and Honda that operated this way. My current ride, a '79 Vespa Grande has a headlite switch which has to be turned on for the headlamp to light. I don't use it in the daytime and have never had problems with the law.

Ride responsibly and the cops won't give you a second look.</HTML>

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