Need Puch info

Can anyone give me a little info on a Puch Maxi? Year unknown. It looks pretty good but needs a new rear tire and tube, the petcock is missing from the gas tank and there is no airbox. What engine and transmission does this have, and is it worth the $75.00 being asked for it? It belongs to the widow of a friend and I don't want to cheat her. Ken

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XBrandon EdgeX /

As for the transmission, If it says "Puch" on a kind of rectangular (actually, flat hexagonal) cover on the right side of the engine, It's a two speed. If it's just flat with a protruding circle, it's a single speed.

If it's in good running condition and not too scratched up, it's worth much more than $75. I would say if it runs good, $200 - $500 depending on the condition of other things. If it doesn't run, $75 -$150 depending on condition.

Re: Need Puch info

Mike Bowden /

Sounds just like the 79 puch maxi I bought last month. It too needed a new rear tire and tube as well as the fuel petcock, air filter and a rear brake cable. I paid $125.00 for it and am very pleased with it. I was able to get all of the parts I needed for it from the Moped warehouse in new jersey. they are at 201-819-9050 if your in new jersey or they have a toll free number on their webiste if you are not.

Good luck with it and enjoy. By the way mine is the onespeed model.


Re: Need Puch info

Just bought a 1980 Puch Maxi for !00$. Carburator was frozen and fuel valve broken. I am on the road after $75 in parts and a few hours labor. Also, invested in a $25 manual. I may have to spend more to get it running better. I would say that $75 to $100 dollars is not too little if you don't know what it will cost you to get it on the road.

Re: Need Puch info

Ken, do you have a picture of your 1980 puch maxi that you can post? Thanks.

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