can someone give me some help on how to change my

hi, i have a puch magnum MKII with the mag wheels and i need some help on how to change my bearings in my rear wheel. any help would be great. i just need some instructions on how i need to go about doing this. thanks


Re: can someone give me some help on how to change

Take it to a motorcycle machine shop and have them pressed out. Take your new ones with you so that they'll be able to put them in at the same time.

Re: can someone give me some help on how to change

If they are like mine you won't need a press.

Remove the wheel.

Remove the brake. You may have to do a little careful prying.

You will need two wrenches to loosen the nuts that hold the shaft

Make sure you are in a place that you can find fallen parts easily. Standing in the grass would be a VERY bad idea.

After you get the shaft out you should have 13 ball bearings for each side. You will figure out how the go. There is a "race" on the wheel for the bearings to run in and the pressure nuts keep everything tight. This nut also acts as the outer side of the "race".

Why replace them if they are not damaged? You can probably get away with just a lube job.


Re: can someone give me some help on how to change

Puch used sealed wheel bearings, the only way to get them out is with a press.

Don't see why you need a press.

I may be talking out my ass since I have never worked on a Puch... But why in the heck would I have to go and use a press for sealed bearings on a moped wheel when I have removed many (larger) motorcycle sealed wheel bearings by knocking them out with a drift and a hammer?

You just set the wheel HUB on a hard flat surface (protect the 'flange' with newspaper? if need be)... then get a drift... (a chunk of 3/8ths or 1/2 inch dia round about 10 or 12 inches long would be fine)... stick it through the top side axle hole and tap out the bottom bearing with a hammer ... flip it over and repeat.

Put the new bearing on and using a suitably large wrench socket (to be slightly smaller than the OD of the new bearing)... tap the new one in as straightly as possible till fully seated.

If there is an internal bearing spacer between the 2 bearings... don't forget to put it in when you flip the wheel over and tap the other brg. in.

15 minutes tops from start to finish ..once the wheel is off.

Re: can someone give me some help on how to change

I have personally never seen pressed in, sealed bearings on a Puch 'ped. That doesn't mean they don't exist, of course. The old ball bearing style that spills the balls all over the place when the axle is removed are the only ones I am familiar with on Puchs. A strong magnet held against bearing race can do a lot to keep them from running away from you.

Re: Don't see why you need a press.

Sorry, it's my assumption that someone who asks how to change wheel bearings on what is essentially a bicycle would have no idea what O.D. means, let alone the tools necessary to install bearings correctly without indenting the races. But you know what they say about assumptions. Corey, do what you feel is correct.

Re: Don't see why you need a press.

corey, the way fred explains it, it reminds me of changing bearings on a skateboard... it may be of help if you're familiar w/ skateboarding... ya never know... i figure, if you're young, and this might be your first moped (no fucking clue about my insinuations, btw...) you might have been riding a skateboard around... so i figure moped sealed bearings are like skateboard bearings, in the way you change them and such... it might be easier to understand that way... if not, i'm wasting space... but that was my initial reaction to fred's post...


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