Magnetized spark plugs...

I recently sat my compass down near the spare spark plug for our Suzuki, and found out it's magnetized. Reversely though, I imagine ya'll know the South pole of a compass follows the kind of magnet that picks up metal. Well the North follows the opposite magnetic field, and North follows this spark plug. I've tried all our other plugs, and they don't do it either way. This spark plug is the only one of this brand, so maybe it's just the brand. Anyways, it's a japanese Denso brand. Interestingly enough, it's strong enough to my tiny old compass that it will pull the needle with it even thru 1" thick wood.


Re: Magnetized spark plugs...

Ron Brown /


Does this explain your mis-fire when travelling east to west?


Re: Magnetized spark plugs...

Good question. LOL

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