Bakc fire !?

Today it's a very hot day ! I run my Peugeot 103 10miles at 50/60km/h.

When i do 8 miles the motor stop to run and he make a backfire (1). I try to start the motor but i can't ! I whait 5 minutes and he start and it was fine for the end of the ride !

It is possible the motor was to hot ???

Or my spark plug is bad (b6hs NGK)

Re: Bakc fire !?

Ron Brown /


Probably not the spark plug. If it happens again, you need to test for lack of spark or gas while it is broken.


Re: Bakc fire !?


sounds like a stereotypical sieze. You ran it too hot, the engine starts to sieze, so it cuts out. Just as it's siezing it's hot enough to combust the new gasoline charge without the spark-plug firing. Backfires and quits till the piston has time to cool and shrink. Check the plug to make sure it's not all white and blistered. You might be running too lean or you might just have pushed it too much. Hope that helps.

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