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Ron Brown /

While at Wauseon this weekend for the Antique Motorcycle Club show, I came accross a Solex Moped for sale. I don't know exactly what year it is. I think it was a model 3800. It has a frame made from pressed sheet metal and a square headlamp. It looks a lot like the new ones currently for sale.

It is black, made in France, seems to be fairy low mileage and is about 95% original.

Does anyone know what these sell for or how to determine age?

Accessing the Solex owners club seems to take me nowhere but round in circles.


Re: Solex Moped

Try the Solex Owner of America Club on Yahoo. Over 1500 messages covering all aspects of the Solex.

Basically the year doesn't matter on a Solex. The series is what is important. If you found a 3800, this is the one to get as they have remained virtually unchanged since the 70's. Just about every mechanical part you would need is available. If it runs, it will do so for a long time. If it doesn't and the engine isn't froze, it won't take much to get it on the road again.

A good running old Solex goes for between $200 and $500 depending on condition.

They are slow and weird looking, but they never fail to get attention. And they are fun, too.


Re: Solex Moped

Ron Brown /

Thanks Jim.

Re: Solex Moped

Guy Trench /

I have just bought a Solex 1700 model and i would like to buy some tyres and inner tubes for it, can anyone help me.

I live in the county of Essex in England.

Thank you.

Best regards


Re: Solex Moped

Guy: I woudl suggest posting this in the Buy/Sell forum, in it's own thread.


Re: Solex Moped

the year should be pressed on the gas can.....i have a velo solex 4600...POS

Re: Solex tires


I had one of those and was never able to find tires for it.

Have you been to ?

They are from the U.K., and have a section covering Solex.

Also check their "Archive" for over 40 pages of Solex info.

Good luck with your Solex!


Re: Solex tires

my family is friends with the owner of a tire company so i get tires for free :)

Re: Solex Moped

jeff white /

i have a solex 4800 yellow am in the chicago area, would like to sell, very very good cond. would like to get $450.00. any takers? jeff white

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