Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

Hey i was wondering, since 70cc kits are illegal, are Bi Turbo exhausts (which also make a moped go faster) illegal? I have a Tomos Targa LX and i wanna put one on

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

XBrandon EdgeX /

Laws vary from state to state. Some laws requre that mopeds have 2hp or less, and a Biturbo will bring you up at least 1/2 of a horsepower. But I've managed to get away with it. I suppose it's like putting a glasspack on a car or something. Usually, the main concern of the law is pollution and noise. Biturbo's aren't any louder than any motorcycle and there aren't really any pollution laws on mopeds, so I'd say you could get away with it, but if you want to be on the up and up, check your local laws first.

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

Brian Allen /

Yes, but I won't tell. Anything you do to it that makes it go faster than 25-30 mph or puts the displacement over 50cc nullifies it's status as a moped in the eyes of the law. What you have now is a tiny under-powered motorcycle with peddles instead of footpegs. Besides, the tires, brakes, bearings, and front forks are usually designed for a vehicle that won't exceed 40 mph. This lust for speed everyone has, is a suicide trip on a moped designed for 30 mph. Just wear a helmet and padding and expect to crash and burn.

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

Aw,c'mon Mr.Allen! These kids have as much right to road rash as Harley riders! Just because they're young and impressionable don't try to help them.JUST KIDDING! In general,I strongly agree that 40mph is PLENTY fast for a `ped.BYE!

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

in my opinion, one of the joys of owning a moped is to hold up traffic... while it's fun to go fast or whatever, it's not a necessity... i only want a bi-turbo exhaust because of the fact that my moped only does about 25... and i'd like it to go 30. i just need 5 more mph, and i'll be quite satisfied... of course, my friend has a moped (not sure what brand, but it's one i've never heard before) which only goes about 15-20... maybe he was breaking it in, but it didn't look new... oh well, i'll talk to him about it. plus, i think bi-turbos look cooler than regular exhaust pipes... hahahaha.


Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

SteelToad /

I have to disagree, there is much more joy in passing an unsuspecting motorist

at 50+ mph

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Show me a radar proven moped doing over 55 MPH and i'll give you a cookie. My targa is stock with the Bi-Turbo and does an easy 43 MPH, and I live in Moonachie, NJ just to let you know.

The police doesn't seem to care bout me, and 3 of my friends have 70cc kits on their bikes and can go much faster than me, the police doesn't seem to know when a moped is modified.


Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

Reeperette /

>>Show me a radar proven moped doing over 55 MPH and i'll give you a cookie. My targa is stock with the Bi-Turbo and does an easy 43 MPH, and I live in Moonachie, NJ just to let you know.<<

I'll take that bet, for I intend try, in a few short months here.

I sure hope yer better at making cookies than my roomie (bleh!)


Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

Chris Wilkins /

GET the 70cc KIT!!!! I was pulled over doing 40mph in a 25mph zone on my moped and the cop let me go a slong as I walked it home. The best part is he asked me for my license or driving permit and I had neither I was 15 at the time and so he could've make my life a living hell but since I had a helmet on he let me go. I think the best thing in the world is passing a motorist in the bicycle lane doing over 45mph. I even convinced my college it was 50cc so I didn't have to pay for a parking permit and I can park it with the bicycles. No one cares about a moped they are much more concerned with cars and motorcycles.

-Chris Wilkins

Daytona Beach, FL

PS: I'm selling my moped so if anybody wants a 96 Targa LX with a brand new 70cc kit contact me

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

i have a 50cc Gilera Runner and i can get 56 mph with out a turbo exhaust or a powerpipe. if i put one on i'd reach 65mph. i live in ireland

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

holding up traffic is nice ... because car drivers always in such a hurry. but ... i agree that passing cars on the right lane is also great. i still have only 50cc ... but enough modifications to give me 40mph or more (speedo tops out at 40).

Re: Bi Turbo exhausts (legality?)

jacob vickers /

i have the exaxt same moped as you do and i have a stock exaust.i was wondering what you got your bi turbo off of or where you got it from.e-mail me as soon as possible

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