Spree/Melody not charging battery

<HTML>Hello, can anyone tell me what and where the charging system on a Honda Spree (called a Melody in Europe) is? The battery kept going dead so I replaced it, but the new one goes dead as well, so I'd like to check out the charging system.



RE: Spree/Melody not charging battery

brian frain /

<HTML>hmm...i used to own a spree, and i had the same problem. if your spree has an electric start, there's not much that you can do about the battery going dead, except by getting a mini-battery charger and leaving it on the battery when you aren't riding the moped, which should keep it charged enough to get you where you're going and back home again. if you have a kick start, well, you know how to get those going...take care...</HTML>

RE: Spree/Melody not charging battery

<HTML>keep an I on the water level weekly cause they lose the water very quickly </HTML>

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