need pricing help, is it worth it?

im looking to buy a 96 tomos LX with 3000 miles. it runs/drives great and looks great. the guy is asking $500 for it but it doesnt have a title. he does have regerstation (up to jun/01) to prove its his and not stolen but is 500 worth it? i mean, how much is a title and how hard is it to get? he claims he lost it when he moved. i dont want to buy this thing and find out i have to trash it because it cant be registered. i also dont want to find out titles are $400 after i payed 500 for the thing. i live in nj if thats any help

caught in a delmia, dave

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

gimmyjimmy /


$500 sounds high for a five year old bike, check out blue book value in the resource section here or go to

whatever you offer, make the seller do the leg work for the legal papers,

don't buy until you have all the proper papers you need, check out New Jersey's requirements. Use that for buying leverage. There are some dudes from Jersey that post here sometimes, they will fill ya in on what's legal.

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Jamie Leonard /

I do know here (ontario, canada) if it WAS registered it just costs about 10 bucks to get a title if he was the last owner of record - he simply has to request one. (May or may not work that way down there however) Best if you can get it with a title, as it may save you major hassles (a lot of gov't employees may not even know what a moped is, let alone local laws... hand them a title and its straightforward... without one you may be in for an interesting legal road. :)


Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Here in Iowa if he is the last owner of record, all he need do is go to whatever public office you use to renew your registration, and request a new title. He just needs to take in his registration ana plate number. Here it costs about 15 bucks.

Careful though, if he doesnt have the title it could be that he used it for a bank loan, Ive heard of that. And that is trouble.

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Doug Davidson /

Hi Dave, I just sold a 94 Tomos lx for $600 without the plastics and alot... more miles on it, and no title required here in VA. SO,if your happy with it at $500 and runs out good, go for it, I heard a title service gets $75 but try your other options first. You only have to please yourself! Doug D

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Check with your state DMV, here in NY State mopeds do not have a title but have a transferable registration. Some other states may do the same. Ken

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Dave, I just went to the Ohio BMV site. According to what I saw there, the Thomos Targa LX is NOT considered to be a moped in Ohio (because it generates more than 1 brake horsepower and goes more than 20 mph on level road). They actually have a list of bikes that are qualified as mopeds. If it ain't on the list, you can't legally operate it as a moped in Ohio.

Anyway, here is a link to the Ohio BMV website:

Also, the guy you're buying from is responsible for getting a duplicate title. If you walk into the tag office with nothing but a bill of sale and his old registration, they won't be able to title the bike. A duplicate title costs $5, which is pretty cheap, so if the seller won't handle it, either there is a problem with the ownership of the bike or he's too lazy. Your policy should title, no sale.

Whatever you decide to do, be aware that Ohio considers the LX to be a motorcycle, so you might get hit with license endorsements, insurance, inspections, and stuff like that.

My opinion, $500's not too much for a 96 Tomos that's been taken care of. I sold a 95 Targa step through last month for $600 (7,000+ miles).

I hope your deal works out for you. Good luck.

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Sorry Dave, I don't know why I thought you needed info for the State of Ohio. But anyway, like the other guy said, make the seller get the paperwork you need so the sale is legal. And my apologies to the fine members of this organization for wasting bandwidth with an essentially meaningless and useless reply.

Yours in doofusness,


Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Ron Brown /


I don't recall ever reading a reference to that site so I am sure the Ohio contingent will appreciate it.


Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Hi,Tim! I think if the Targa has pedals you can get by as a moped because the list HAS Golden Bullet TT-LX, so since you don't need a title in Ohio I'd just say it's the same thing.If you want to know though,Tony Weinfurtner runs a motorcycle-moped shop in Ironton and also sells Avantis and he would definitely know the score on the TT-LX.Never volunteer info. to the License bureau,just tell them it's a TT-LX ,after all the second `T' stands for TARGA doesn't it? BYE!

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

just wanted to relist this

Re: need pricing help, is it worth it?

Hi,Dave? Didn't you get enough info. or am I missing something?Why don't you click `new topic' and re-post?

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