Oh...you won't believe this one!!!

My CARB fell off!! My carb FELL off!! My carb fell OFF!! HOW THE F**K DOES A CRAB JUST FALL OFF???????? I'm ridin' to work on Friday morning, having a ball. It's 6:20am I'm on a MAJOR street (70kmh) and my Bat just sputters and dies. I had to walk it for 5 km before I got to a place where I could safely work on it. Luckily for me (I guess) I have had SO many problems with this thing that I carry a full set of tools with it at all times. The bloody compression fitting on the carb was as tight as could be, but it just plum slipped off the intake manifold. I ended up using a coathanger (yes...coathanger) that I found in the gutter, to keep it on for the last 5 miles to work. I couldn't go over 15 mph. Turns out that the manifold outside diameter was way less than it should be. Ended up using cable ties around the carb and the engine mount to get home. Worked like a charm. They are now an integral part of my tool kit. Saturday morning I pull it all apart and mearsure everything on the carb and manifold. The inner bore of the manifold is .030" smaller than the inner bore of the manifold. Had a friend bore it out to match and it also served the purpose of stretching the manifold back to size. Put it all back and it fits soooo swwweeetttllllyyy. I now have a top speed of 37.5mph up from 35mph. Not a bad discovery for a carb that wouldn't stay on.


Re: Oh...you won't believe this one!!!

Hi Richard, How about this one. I bought a new Avanti Autopower from Steve's Moped. It was shipped to me from the distributer in AZ, in a box. I put it together, fired it up, it ran for 10 seconds and the intake manifold broke off. The casting was obviously defective and Steve's was very prompt about replacing it, but it was a shock when it happened. Ken

Re: Oh...you won't believe this one!!! Even better

Briel Nic /

Man, what a joke Steve's is! Got tired of bending over there. Looking for a new seat now!

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