My Boneheaded Move


Does anyone know where I can get engine specs for a Honda Urban Express (NU50)? Here's what happened - I have an old Urban Express that sat in a garage for over 15 years which I have recently started riding again (new fuel, new oil, a little clean-up and it fired right up!) Being the boy genius I am, I decided that after 15 years it might need to be tuned up a bit, so I broke out my trusty screw driver and started adjusting what I believe to be the fuel/air ratio screw. Turned it out a turn and it seemed to run better. Another turn and it was better still. Turned it again and it fell out somewhere on the street. Now it don't run too good. I figure if I can find out the size, threads, and whether it has a flat end or a "bullet" end, I can probably get a replacement, but under the circumstances...



RE: My Boneheaded Move

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