Minarelli Safari Moped

Anyone have any information on Minarelli mopeds. We have not seen many around...

The one I have is a 1984 and the model is called a "Safari deLux" . It has a kick start and has a very retro motorcycle look to it. Also came with mag wheels - somewhat surprising for such an old ped.

The original owner bought it somewhere in South Jersey, but the shop no longer exists. Fortunately, we have full documentation.

I would like to find other Minarelli moped owners so that I can get some maintenance tips.

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Re: Minarelli Safari Moped

Visit "Sportsbay" in the Shopping section of Yahoo for the largest selection of moped parts and accessories on the Internet.Minarelli service manuals are available there.

Re: Minarelli Safari Moped

Hi,LGK ! There is a pic of one on this site under `photos',then click `other brands.Maybe Simon recalls who owns it or where the pic is from.Who knows,those bikes are so rare that it may be YOUR bike.No,it's a 1979.BYE!

Re: Minarelli Safari Moped

Hi Don,

I did see a picture of a moped that was similar to mine..that is how I figured out that it is a Minarelli Safari and not just a Safari Moped. Mine is a 1983...we bought it with a mere 549 original miles (the odomerter works!). It is very sweet - or was -until a youthful rider got a hold of it - which is why I need maintanence info.

I would also love to find out a little more about the history of the company.

The moped actually looks more like a motorcycle than a moped and foolishly I had to ask the seller if it was a moped or a motorcycle.

We were lucky to find it last October at a garage sale just around the corner. I think that I am becoming a true fan of moping - althoug I have not venture too far with it. I particularly like the old ones...although a little more reliabiltiy would be a thing of beauty!

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Re: Minarelli Safari Moped

minarelli mopeds are the best, as far as many people are concerned. they are simple and reliable engines and are used on many models of mopeds well beyond minarelli brand itself.

i ride a 1976 bianchi snark eagle, w/ a minarelli engine. several other moped army members in the kzoo decepticon branch ride other minarelli-based mopeds. parts are rather easy to come by.

i'm curious, however, about the engine on your minarelli safari. if it has a kick start, and not a pedal start like most minarelli engines, it might be a different model engine. check and let us know.

as far as maintenance tips, they're pretty standard for most mopeds. keep the carb clean, since most problem are in the carb. be sure to check your oil in the crankcase at least once a year. the minarelli v1 engine uses sae20 motor oil ... but the kickstart engine might use something else, so check to be sure. if you have a premix engine like the v1, then be sure to use the right amount of two-stroke oil premixed w/ gas. everything else is pretty standard for any moped or motorcycle (check cables, tires, etc.).

Re: Minarelli Safari Moped

i have a 1979 safari with minarelli engine. i can only assume it is minarelli brand or is there a safari brand?

anyway, the wierd thing about it is that it has not only the year of manufacture, but the month. guess what? it was made in july, the same month and year i was born.

i like the minarelli engine. it seems to have been made rather precisely. the outside is all grungy, but the flywheel and internal electrical circuits look like the day they were made. i think that it's due to the close fitting housing and other parts.

anyone know how to get more power out of minarelli engines? mine is pretty weak.

like lgk, i too am looking for info on a similar type of moped. there doesn't seem to be too much on the safari mopeds, but i have found things on the minarelli engines.

themopedjunkyard.com has some stuff.

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