Whats wrong?

I was riding for about an hour, and then my moped got weird, the engine got really jumpy. After that it went faster. Today when I'm going full speed, once and a while you can feel the engine slow and then jump right up again. Just before in my driveway, I had it on the kickstand, and full throttled it, it acted as if it ran out of gas, it did what happens when you run out of gas and it really died. But there was plenty of gas. Whats the problem? Dirty Carb maybe?

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Grrrrrrr....It won't run at all now, I can start it and run it for a few seconds then it dies.

Main bearings?

Miniengine /

Grap hold of the flywheel and give it a good side to side shake to see if you notice any movement of the crank shaft. Your word useage and description sound so familiar of one of the guys that had the main bearings going out of his Bat. The leaning out and acting like it's out of gas, jumpy, fast and slow for no reason, is sadly the same descriptions he used. Please prove me wrong because in this situation I hope I am wrong.


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Hi,Nick! If it's not what Brian said,and I hope for your sake it's not,I'll say it could be the float or needle valve failed you.Without knowing what your riding it's pretty tough to diagnose.I suppose your kill switch and ignition switch are all right?

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If this is it, can it be fixed Brian?

Re: Whats wrong?

The flow of gas to the engine is being interrupted by an obstruction in the fuel system.

The engine is burning the gas faster than than the gas in the carburetor is being replaced.The engine is running out of gas even though you have a full tank.

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Re: Whats wrong?

Can you explain that more PM, Like what could be doing that?

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Boy,PM ! I wish I could be as dogmatic as you.I'd have to at least use the word `probably' . : / )

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I agree with the guys who think its a fuel starvation issue. Float height setting is very critical on these engines... that could be it. Maybe there is some debris swimming around in your carb bowl that is intermittently blocking your main jet. Of course, it could be something as simple as a pinched fuel line or obstructed fuel filter, either in line, or in the petcock. Good luck

Re: Whats wrong?

hmmm I should go check my two inline fuel filters....

Re: Whats wrong?

Also how would I go about cleaning the inline fuel filters...Thanks


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