Hiawatha moped?

A guy I know is interested in restoring a scooter that belonged to his father. He said it is a Hiawatha. I'm a scooter collector and I don't know of such a scooter so I think he might be talking about a moped or a minibike. Does anybody have any information about a Hiawatha? I think he spelled it Hawatha, but I think Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spelled it with the "i"

If anybody needs to know about vintage motor scooters like Cushman or Vespa, I'm your man. I have referrences and I enjoy running down the identification of mystery scoots.


Re: Hiawatha moped?

I've seen something about one on this forum or moped2.org but I think that may be the model,not the manufacturer.I'll investigate a little.BYE!

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