I knew Harley made one.

Reeperette /

I had heard it was a moped, but in fact - it was a scooter.

The 1964 Harley Davidson "Topper"

5 year production run, 165cc 2-stroke...and you hadda pull-thingie to start it, like lawnmowers have (recoil cord?).

Don't look much like a Harley, tho - does it ?



Re: I knew Harley made one.

Waynebroderick /

Hey Ree, I got a couple of questions....

1. How tough is it to add a power sprocket in the rear wheel? I saw the price was cheap, like 14 bucks or so. I won't have the loot to do the front and piston kit, yet, but soon. In the meantime, I'd like to do the rear sprocket.

2. Would I notice much improvement with only a replacement rear sprocket?

Re: I knew Harley made one.

Waynebroderick /

Tomos Targa, 2000 model

Tank division

Miniengine /

This looks like something made by the Harley tank division. The object was to knock over the enemy with the front flaring and run over them with the back tire. For some reason this never caught on because the riders kept getting shot.


Re: I knew Harley made one.

That's an even uglier scooter than most I've seen! I'd say Brian's right.Anybody riding that thing might have been or shoulda' been shot.

Re: I knew Harley made one.

Ron Brown /

No problem, most of the owners probably shot themselves : )

Re: I knew Harley made one.

Doug Davidson /

Hi REE, Harley did make make a moped, and a scooter, I went and looked at one to buy,a 1966 modle but it was too rusty for me. The Topped is a ball of fun to ride. Doug D.

Re: Salisbury

Harley has nothing on the Salisbury. This scooter was manufactured in Pomona California by a company that made aircraft parts for the war. In 1947 they started making a real bulky scooter that had variable drive and a brake and accelerator pedal!

Seen a couple in the flesh. They were incomplete and probably be hard to find parts for.


Re: I knew Harley made one.

gimmyjimmy /


looks like a kitchen appliance someone stuck a wheel on, or a goofy snow plow.

Re: I knew Harley made one.

bob vitale /

i have a 1964 topper scooter that im looking for a manual and stickers for the rear bags.would you know anyone with this info...if so please mail me.

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