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I need to write this before I forget any more than I have or embelish it past the point of believability.

Last weekend I went to AMA Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio racetrack. One of the features of this event is a motorcycle swap meet covering several acres. I arraved Saturday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. It took me all that time just to get through the swap meet.

This was the first swap meet I have been to since owning a moped and I was amazed at how many were there. I would guess at least 18 peds of various brands, mostly old ones (79/80) some really old and a couple fairly new.

Prices from $100 - 300 for "needs work" to nice older peds, $200 for some kind of museum quality, fully restored 60's something, I think $600 for a year old low mileage Tomos.

I saw one of those single ski Chrysler snowmobiles in good shape for $875 and one of those wierd Honda 3 wheel scoots but I am not sure it was for sale.

All of these prices are pre-haggle and I am sure could be reduced easily.

I found some new rear view mirrors, Japanese made, smaller than a motorcycle mirror but bigger than a bicycle mirror. $4 each and they fit the peds perfectly.

As I am suffering from exploding garage I managed to pass up all the peds although I was sorely tempted by 3 Mobylettes, 1 with varimatic for $250 the lot.

My point is, if you need peds or parts, don't forget motorcycle swap meets.


Re: Mid-Ohio

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>>one of those wierd Honda 3 wheel scoots<<

Gyro...they call em, nice bike, but a bitch to get parts for.

I have the worst of luck with swap meets...if I have $450 to spend, they want $475 and won't come down...if I got $250 to spend, the one damn 'ped I want is $275.....just...the very worst of luck, and frustrating besides....


Re: Mid-Ohio

Ill second that Reeperette, I got an 85 gyro and all I need is a darn kickplate and a battery cover, think I can find one not broken? Think I can even find a Battery cover at all? Hell no. I did find out that the old expresses and the gyro use the same brake shoes though.

Any Illinois swaps?

Know of any or where I can search for motorcycle swap meets in Illinois or southern Wisconsin?

About the Gyro

Reeperette /

Here's a handy site - can get em new, used...prolly suggest parts sources too.

And it's in the UK, too - in case any of you UK folks have interest.


I love the Gyro-UP and Canopy models.


Any Pennsylvania swap meets?

Miniengine /

It would be nice to find information like this on the internet. Does anyone know of any web sites that have this information?

IL and PA swap meets

I am sure there are swap meets in both states.

They are sometimes put on by MC clubs.

But sometimes by a private promoter.

And are unlikely to be listed on the net in most cases.

You need to find a few guys riding old motorcycles and ask them.

Or try a MC dealer (but young guys don't know shit.. or his brother).

In IL try the IMDA website maybe?

In PA I know there is a vintage swap meet by the 'White Rose MC club" (or some such name.. don't know location).

They usually hold them twice a year (spring/fall?) at the chosen location.

Like a hockrey arena or civic center or 4H fair type of location.

You will have to beat the bushes and ask around.

Re: Mid-Ohio

I too was at Mid-Ohio that swap meet was something else. Ron, did you see the dealer selling the 5 new Derbi's GPR's with the 70cc race kit already installed? I had wanted one of these bikes for a long time. I currently ride a 1990 Honda NS50 with a full fairing from a European Honda NS50r . Anyway I got one of the new Derbi's on Sunday for $1900.00 complete with the one year warranty. The dealer sold all five of the Derby's during the weekend. I have ridden the Derby some this week and it is a very fast bike. My Honda NS50 with mods I have done runs around 72 mph This derbi feels like it will run circles around the NS50.

I go each year to the 50cc rally in Suches Ga. in late Oct. last year over 100 entries in the 75 mile rally all 50cc bikes. This year I will have a better ride on the Derbi than all previous bikes I have rode in the rally.

Re: Mid-Ohio

Ron Brown /


I missed those, maybe they were sold by Sunday when I completed my tour.

Congrats on the new ride and good luck at the rally.


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