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I need to write this before I forget any more than I have or embelish it past the point of believability.

Last weekend I went to AMA Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio racetrack. One of the features of this event is a motorcycle swap meet covering several acres. I arraved Saturday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon. It took me all that time just to get through the swap meet.

This was the first swap meet I have been to since owning a moped and I was amazed at how many were there. I would guess at least 18 peds of various brands, mostly old ones (79/80) some really old and a couple fairly new.

Prices from $100 - 300 for "needs work" to nice older peds, $200 for some kind of museum quality, fully restored 60's something, I think $600 for a year old low mileage Tomos.

I saw one of those single ski Chrysler snowmobiles in good shape for $875 and one of those wierd Honda 3 wheel scoots but I am not sure it was for sale.

All of these prices are pre-haggle and I am sure could be reduced easily.

I found some new rear view mirrors, Japanese made, smaller than a motorcycle mirror but bigger than a bicycle mirror. $4 each and they fit the peds perfectly.

As I am suffering from exploding garage I managed to pass up all the peds although I was sorely tempted by 3 Mobylettes, 1 with varimatic for $250 the lot.

My point is, if you need peds or parts, don't forget motorcycle swap meets.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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