big favour

could someone with a QT50 manual please do me a really big favour and scan the page that has the big picture of the engine in lots of pieces showing how it goes together (asuming it has one) and also dose anybody want to tell me how to get the damn flywheel off, i am assuming that you meed a special tool to get the flywheel of, is there another way? where do i get the tool in the UK? many many thanks in advance, OWen

Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

Just kidding ! ... :)

I don't have a QT50 or a manual... but have you tried


They supposedly have most Japanese bike parts fiche diagrams online

Those flywheels usually are designed for a special puller (about$15 US) from a Yamaha dealer... or in your case try M and P motorcycle accessories.

Good luck

Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

Ron Brown /


Do me a favour, check the Oxford English Dictionary you damn foreigner : )


Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

Thanks fred, sorry bout my spelling i will have a look at thanks again, Owen

Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

owen, he was just busting your balls... see, we spell favor like that... but in the uk and canada and stuff, you guys put in a u... so it comes out like favour, or humour, or favourite, or colour... where for us it's favor, humor, favorite, and color. don't sweat it. course, you probably already knew that, but it's 4:30 in the damned morning... i need sleep... haha, good luck owen!


Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

Ron Brown /


I tried to defend you and get Fred going at the same time, I guess I didn't wind Fred up enough : )


Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!, the best resource on the net i have seen yet, they have all the assembly diagrams for the yamaha Qt-50 1980 +1981 and the yamaha QT-50 yamahopper and many others, i almost didn't bother looking cause u have to register(its free) but it was well worth it in the end, many many thanks again fred.

P.S. Why isn't this in the moped army resources??!!??!!

Re: Ounly if you spell 'favour' courrectly!!

Your spelling wasn't 'wrong'.. I was just having a bit of fun.

partsfish is pretty cool huh?

One problem.. according to CR... they have no Euro peds on it......yet

The internet can be amazing... (between the confusing parts!)

Re: Only if you spell 'favour' correctly!!

watch it now... I'll have Ree kick you in the... 'fanny' ! ... : )

Re: big favor

This is probly know help to you but i just sold a 1984 QT-50, If you need anyhelp with the carb the fuel on off gage or a carbonated gas tank tell mealso it apears that there is a filter in the fuel on off switch. Mine didnt come or go with a manual, hell i was lucky to get the keys.(didn't run)

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