Garelli fuel ratio

<HTML>What's the correct fuel Ratio for Garelli mopeds? my friend just bought a used one, and she's a bit new to the concept of mixing your own fuel</HTML>

RE: Garelli fuel ratio

luigi bonazzi /

<HTML>Hi, I'm from Italy, the country from where all garelli seem to come from.

I should know exactly what is the model you're talking about, but, anyway, a fuel ratio of 3% wan't surely damage your little Italian beauty.

Let me know, anyway, if you have any other question, I could try to help you the little that I can.


RE: Garelli fuel ratio

<HTML>I use mix a 40:1 or 44:1 ratio for my Garelli... it's about 22 years old, and it's not in the best shape mechanically, so you might want to try different ratios around that area.

Best of luck.


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