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Ron Brown /

A few recent posts seem to be mis-identifying scooters as mopeds just because the DMV says they are. Personally, I don't allways believe the government so here goes.

In the beginning was the bicycle.

Then the gearheads of the time said "let there be power assist" and the bicycle became a motorized bicycle, with pedals to start and assist it, no clutch and a belt drive.

Eventually, clutches, gears, kick-starters, chain drive and the like were added and somewhere early in that evolution they were called motorcycles, even though they still had pedals like a bicycle.

With motorcycles fully evolved into a good facsimilie of todays motorcycles, the small ones with bicycle style pedals were called Mo-Peds (there were no big ones with pedals other than antiques, which are more correctly called motorcycles), just as the ones with footboards and small wheels were called scooters.

In good governmental style, different juristictions classified different vehicles as MoPeds for purposes of licensing and registration. Simply put, in some places you can register a Spree as a Moped. This does not the Spree a Moped make.

A MoPed is a Motorized Pedal Cycle. You can pedal it, let the engine push you along or do both at once.

Except for governmental licensing regulations, which do not change the animal, only how you feed it, the above definition describes a MoPed.

Wheel diameter, engine size, transmission type, number of gears... none of these things matter. If it is pedal and/or power it is a MoPed.

I just had to say that. : )


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Re: A Moped is....

THANK YOU RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wayne Broderick /

So, my Tomos 2000 targa would have been a moped, if I had ordered the one with pedals.

What is my bike, just a little "noped" ? Jeez, that sounds sad.

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My Targa is a MOPED, it has pedals, i understand.

Not to be a pain in the arse, but what would a Quingi QM50 Scooter (the model with pedals) be? a Scoped? a Moped? A scooter?


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jess_monster /

Damn, didn't mean to get anyone pissed. I just like mopeds. I've ridden scooters and found them to be harder to ride and not as comfortable. Now I haven't ridden them all sooo....But I do think the retro scooters are sweet. Sorry to any whom I've offended. And what Ron said....that's what I was trying to say in my anti-scooter way. Sorry.

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I noticed the same type of argument in a Bicycle motor forum. The problem is in the symantics. all of these things have an engine, not a motor (unless it is electric). We call it a motor because that is what we hear, so now they are motors. In America, a bicycle motor would be called a biycle motor, In Europe, it would be a cyclemotor (all one word). The pedals stopped showing up when they became less functional. Most mopeds that have pedals would be kinda tough to ride around town on without the motor. They are there to start the moped and pass a legal issue. I think that the Gov. comes fairly close when they say (depending on the state) 50cc or less and under 30 mph.

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Ron Brown /

In response to several posts here:

Jess, I never noticed any particular post from you, but I'm not pissed, just trying for a little clarity.

If you have a "NoPed", it is more correctly a small motorcycle.

If you have a scooter with pedals that can actually propel the scooter, you have a MoPed. It may look like a scooter but if it Mo's like a MoPed and it Peds like a MoPed, it is a MoPed.

By the way, I would be the last person to recomend trying to go anywhere on a moped by just pedalling, but the pedals will get you home and are much better exersize than a light weight 10 speed. : )


Re: A Moped is....

Dead on,Ron! And to me,if it doesn't have pedals,DON'T call it a moped! By the way.Do you think BryanB could be Shmiver or related to him? You went thru a lot there,man! And you had a pretty smooth exit there yourself! Don

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