Fa50 to slow

John Bianco /

Hey...I have a mint running 82' Fa50....but i want it to go faster....Is there simple mods i can do.....or is there jet kits....bore kits......anything?????? If someone could email me that would be hot, thanks a million

Re: Fa50 to slow

Michael L. /

Wont hurt it, but wont make it do anything special besides maybe leaving some lead deposits on the cylinder head and the spark plug..

Re: Fa50 to slow

Reeperette /

Faster ? how fast does it go now ?

What spark plug are you using ? what jetting ? how's your mixture ?

Does it change engine note and "bog" when reaching top-end acceleration ?

Starting with the answers to those questions...I am sure we can find something that'll help.

My Fa-50, even in really shoddy shape...was pretty fast once it got up there, although accelleration really sucked.



Michael L. /

oops..replied to the wrong message

Re: Fa50 to slow

I recently got an Fa50. Mine was in poor condition. The power sucked. The muffler on these can get pretty clogged up. When I took it off and looked in on the cylinder. There was a wall of black carbon crud blocking the exhaust. Check these things and see if that helps. I also ordered a tapered plug from the local auto shop. About 2.25 but it was the one that the book said that it was supposed to have. Check the crank case also, people sometimes tend to think that it is supposed to be full and fill it to the top. You may also check the compression.

The guide that is posted here is a lot of help.

As I said, mine was in poor shape mechanically when I got it. The jet is a little too big and it will two stroke when it is about to wind out. Cleaning up the exhaust really helped everything out.

Good luck with you new shuttle. I have enjoyed mine. I can't wait to get a differant moped though. After reading about all of the comments here, I think that I want an old Puch or Tomos. Parts from the Suzuki dealer are rediculous. I had to replace the needle valve in the carb and paid 35.00 for something smaller than a dime.

Re: Fa50 to slow

Ok I have an Fa50 and would like to get in on this. I'll answer those questions and see if I can get some help.

It goes 25-26 mph

I don't know about mixture's and jetting... Maybe if someone could tell me what that is and what it should be, it would help. Im pretty good when I know what I'm looking for.

No, it does not "bog" at top acceleration.

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