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<HTML>Hi, I have been experiencing slugginsh problems and I called a local repair shop and asked them what I needed to do...They told me from the info I gave them, A tune up would be really helpful (45$)....I asked him if they offered any performance kits, they told me from what they have they don't have anything for my yamaha '92 Razz...They told me for about 150$ they can bore out the cylinder, replace the piston, and also give me a tune up (change all the filters, oil, spark plugs etc) and this would greatly help question is....right now it tops off at 25mph, and I only paid 150$ for it to start with....the moped is cosmetically perfect, it's just travled around the world and through time a few times...10,000+ miles even though the spedometer rolled back to 0000..

My questions is, seeing the age of the motor, is this a good thing?...or will this pretty much kill it....and also is it worth the effort?...or better off buying a newer moped....and if I go through with the upgrade, what speed do you think I may be able to achieve?

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<HTML>It will basically extend the life of it, it will give it new engine parts that might have been worn. personally though, i wouldn't dump that kind of money into a razz. sell it take, take the money you get and the extra 150 and buy a nice 70 something european moped. something with peddles and style.


RE: Moped Tune Up.

<HTML>jag hr tv

RE: Moped Tune Up.

<HTML> Hi, To tell ya bud I know that the razz

is'nt cheap but there's no need to dump it and go buy a new one just because of a little

where& tare. Because even if you did go and buy a new scoter you'd still have the problem

about you wanting more horse power, "YES it would be a new scoter" BUT through that big ole BUT in there, hehe, it would still be just as slow, and you still could'nt get no more than about 25mph maybe 30mph top's, SOOO! therefore what "I" sugest you do bo Is

Take it too the shop that said they would rebuild for$150 and let have at it, but make sure you ask them If there going to port the

carberator also cause if the piston casing is bigger and the jets have'nt been ported and set acurate, you will have a big resistance

because your not geting enough gas into the firing chamber, if not set properly It want even crank at times. But if all thing set right, well all depends on how much they bore it over, ask them that sometime ok, but shit you could get that little buger going anywhere from 50 to 80mph no shit man, my bro has a tomas that son of a bitch has been built like hell It goes 122 mph, that dumbass

races cars with that sonofagun, I building one now I ordered my by Turbo mufler just yesterday I have a chainsaw carb on than that sonofagon has got some tork, but after you get yours bored out n-stuff you'll love it, and people will be like "WAIT!" Was that a moped that just went by?,hehe, my brother's sound's like a damn big-ass dirtbike, but it's tomas block, the engineblock I mean is

origanal, but just been souped-up.

Well bud I hope this will help you out

some, write me back tell me what happened,

and just think I got on-line just too look

for some part's, but i saw your ad and thought I might be able to help you out.

So I'll c-ya later, !!PEACE!!:-)

uh uhhhh yo beavis check it out, he's got a razz.

heh hehhehheheh eh buthead don't make me kick over your scoter.



Re: Moped Tune Up.

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My experiance after talking in great deal with the honda shops is that these engines are made to be very reliable. Any modification to gain speed also reduces the reliablility factor. I am not against modifications to gain speed but consider these facts about scooters.

The quickest way to gain speed without loosing reliability is to add a tuned pipe for your size engine, this may have to be modified to fit your particular engine, but I know for a fact there are 50 , 80, 100 ect... 2 stroke tuned pipes out there.

The fuel system on these little jems is very critical, read the spark plug and jet up or down the main jet in your carb.

Last but not Least. What ever you do to gain speed, remember that the transmissions on scooters are limited to narrow speed ranges. With a 50cc engine runnig at 25mph, even after adding a pipe and mod the carb you are probably looking at 5-10mph increase max!! **aso beware of people who tell you that you can get 60-70mph out of one of these, if you look close at what they are saying , you have to change the piston , liner , carb and rebuild the entire transmission!!

If you really want more than the 5-10mph you get from a pipe, buy a bigger scooter you will find a lot less headaches that way, unless you like to take apart your scooter everytime you ride it??????

Lee Fleischer

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