where have all the mopeds gone?

<HTML>what's up with the absence of mopeds in most of today's society? it seems as though lots of people check into this page numerous times and such but where all are the mopeds? why don't some of you kids/adults or whatever it is ya call yerself get together in yer town and form yer own branch of the ped army? we need to bring the 2 wheeled beast labeled as a moped back into public view and get them the respect that they deserve. my moped makes me smile so much and all it asks for in return is 68 cents of gas to fill the tank and a ounce or 2 of 2 stroke oil. what a great friend. so share in this eternal love between a moped and its rider and then once you do that get a whole bunch more people in yer town to get mopeds and then they do the same thing and before ya know it moooooopeeeeeedddddddssssssss rule the road. oh what a day that will be. UNITE, SWARM, AND DESTROY sincerely

dave "i build paper clip sculptures" dellatore</HTML>

RE: where have all the mopeds gone?

<HTML>I hear you dave, for all of you out there who dont know how this moped army thing works here it is. The moped army is basically an umbrella group that unites local moped clubs. To start a branch you need at least 3 members, all with mopeds. We take you your local club and make it part of a more organized whole. you get to pick your own name, and your own members. We just supply the framework, and limited supplies. So if you have three friends with mopeds, or have a moped club you want to unite with the moped army, contact us, we want to get this movement going.



You are mental, boy!

<HTML>Yeah, but we are all mental. Mail me at:


Please? My mail box is empty and I'm bored. I'm supposed to be looking for stuff for this goped project I'm doing but I'm going nowhere. Help me!</HTML>

RE: where have all the mopeds gone?




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