Batavus clutch

I just spent hours in the garage working on my '72 Batavus Bronco and finally got the clutch to engage properly. There was so much dirt and crud on one of the plates that it wouldn't move in and out. It was dark by the time I got it back together and I rolled it out on to the street and with a push my moped came back to life after being in pieces on the workbench for over a month!!! Damn these old things a indestructable. It starts on the first try almost always. My next job will be to wire in the new headlight and speedo so I can see how fast i'm actually going.

Tommorow i'm going out to look at a Velosolex that i found in the classifieds. They look funny but i still want one of those wanky things.

Re: Batavus clutch

Way to go,Derrick! I may be asking your advice when i check out my `Starflite'.Good `pedding to ya'! Don

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