Honda Spree, Express, or Hobbit? That is the quest

Right now I am looking for a moped or scooter that is light weight so that I can put it on a bike rack on my van and take it on vacation (My family goes up to Door County every year and that place looks to be one of the best for mopeding.) I had a Honda Hobbit but sold it due to lack of clear title, but I thought it was a great bike. I also used to have a Honda Civic until my brother got it into a t-bone accident a year ago, and that, too, was another great Honda product. So, now I am sticking to Honda brand mopeds/scooters and the three lightest I've found (and by light I mean around 100 pounds and under.) are the Spree, Express, and Hobbit, but I'm stuck on deciding which to keep my eyes open for. I've heard that the Spree is 88 pounds, which makes it the lightest, and I know that it is newer than the Express or Hobbit but the only downer about this scooter is that I have yet to hear of any modifications that are possible. As for the Express and Hobbit they have bigger wheel bases and a higher ground clearance, thus they would be nice to have if I wanted to do a little "off roading", which would be no more than driving on flat, grassy ground. I'm also figuring from the specs that I have collected that the Express and Hobbit are narrower than the Spree and thus would be easier to take along with me, but, still, the Spree is lighter. So, I have to clue as which to get. Personally I love the tacky colors and the styling of the Express, the true moped convenience of pedals on the Hobbit, and the light weight and availability of the Spree. Above all I would love the Express but they're aren't a lot available with clear titles that are within a reasonable driving distance. This choice would be made a lot easier if everyone would be willing to pitch in their two cents as to what I should get. Of course, this is no more than the clich


Something seems wrong there... in my mind it is unlikely that a Spree is lighter than the other two... it has more features, electric start, battery, and all that plastic.

Other than that... from what I have seen... a stock Spree is a way better performer (acceleration and top speed) than the others.

A Spree will do an honest 30 and accelerate way harder than either of the others from what I have seen (though I have never seen a PA50II in action).

Price being equal.... I would take the Spree.

Re: Spree

i had a 81 express and a 85 spree,i liked the express better but it was my first moped ,maybe thats the reason.I don't recall any difference in speed although i think i preffered the express because it seemed safer with the foot rests instead of the floorboard,just didn't feel as comfortable with a floorboard.As for weight they seemed about the same.The express did have a reserve on the gas tank,nice feature but both had lousy little gas tanks,a bit over 2 litres.The express was easier to get at for repairs,none of the plastic to remove.I'd go for the express over the sree if i could pick between the 2.Right now i've got a yamaha jazz,just got it 2 weeks ago,couldn't find any hondas up here in toronto,got a 4 litre gas tank,great.

You may be right.

I was surfing on down to Ebay land and I caught sight of someone selling an '83 Spree who's speedo maxed at 50mph. Of course, I didn't believe this and the description helped cement that feeling when it said that it maxed at about 37mph, but, still, that ain't bad! If I could find one of those I would be set, but I still don't think there are enough add ons to the Spree to allow it to carry much unlike the Express and Hobbit which have large baskets that you can buy for them. Ah well, if you can ever find out what the weight of the Spree is, email me. I'd be interested to see if it is more, less, or equal to the Express. Still, that Express is a bit more tempting since it does have a larger wheel base making small pot holes and bumps fairly easy to go over. The search continues...


Eh, gas tanks are no biggy. Just strap on an extra gallon holder. Couple that with a full tank and you should get about 150 miles before you're outta gas without adding too much weight to the ped. Also, you know what... I could always perform the Express "Gut the Muff" mod to help speed. But, yeah, I just like the simple look of the Express and I figure that it should be lighter than the Spree at 103 pounds dry weight. Alas, I must continue my time consuming search for the Express. Must not dilly-dally, no time to waste...

Re: Honda Spree, Express, or Hobbit? That is the q

I rode an express for 3 years and loved it. At the same time a buddie had a spree. He took his spree to the shop twice as much as I did the express and then theres the gas tank thing, I think the express went much farther(it had a slightly bigger tank) and had a faster top speed. Aside from that, the spree looked like it still had some growing to do, kind of a cheesy little thing. Looked more plastic than anything. I drive a Gyro S now, the express gave out somewhere around 14000 miles so Imn parting it out. If I were you, Id get the first one I could for now, then you could always trade it off or sell it when you got one you wanted.

Just my opinion, JIM

Re: Honda Spree, Express, or Hobbit? That is the q

If you want a small lightweight (and reliable) moped, I'd go for a Honda PF50-R Novio, or a PF50 Amigo. It's got a 4-stroke engine that runs on ordinary leaded gasoline, so you don't have to mix in oil (so no stinking white/blue fumes either!). It's not a very powerfull bike, it'll only do about 55 Km/h (about 35 Mph). But it's feulconsumption is increadibly low 65 Km/L (about 180 MpG). The bike is very lightweight, maybe 40 - 45 Kg.

Do bear in mind that the fourstroke engine of this bike is technically completely different from a twostroke engine, but very reliable.

The brakes of a Novio take some getting used to because a PF50's brakes are increadibly strong, you'll lock up both wheels before you know it, so brake gently.

Re: Honda Spree

brian birdwell /

hi. my name is randy and i have a honda spree moped. it needs work though. i have the original keys. i live in irving,tx and am willing to sell it at a reasonable price. but you will have to put a little time and effort into it. if this interests you, send a reply to this email.

-brian birdwell

Re: Honda Spree

Randy,list it on the Buy/Sell forum.

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