the weed whacker thing (clearing things up)

i have a moped (a 2000 Targa LX) i'm just a very curious person and i just wanted to know if that was possible. i mean even if i didnt have a moped, i still wouldnt ride a bike with a weed whacker engine on it =) i just thought the idea was cool

A long time ago, son, I too had that idea...

I was at a garage sale recently and, sadly, it was sold, but there had been a weed whacker that the owners wanted no more. Before this, I had been dreaming about using a lawn mower engine, since they show up from time to time at my local recycling center, on my bike, but I fought the dream with the sword of reality, forged from the knowledge that the weight would be too grand for my pithy Schwinn to handle. So, my dreams fled to greener pastures where weed whackers seemed like less power but lighter weight and a far more feasable idea. Still, currently I am on the quest for a Honda Express or Hobbit, or, if worse comes to worse, a Spree, and the dream of weed wacker powered engines has been abandoned... but not forgotten.

Re: the weed whacker thing (clearing things up)

Miniengine /


There are special friction type bicycle tires sold for just this purpose. I never researched this so I don't know where you can buy these tires, but they have a thicker tread and a flat smooth surface almost resembling a dragster slick. The weed eater motor is mounted over the back tire and drives a small neoprene wheel that is brought into contact with the rear wheel with a ratchet mechanism controlled with a cable selector at the handle bars. The throttle is controlled by a conventional throttle twist grip. I've heard claims of over 200 MPG at speeds of 12 MPH.


Lamborn's Miniature Engines

You don't need special tires...

I've seen those kits before. You get a 33cc engine but I've never seen anything on the sites that offer these kits that say that you need any certain tire. Or course, I am but a human and thus I am cursed with the afflicting virus called mistake. In other words, I could be wrong.

Re: You don't need special tires...

Miniengine /

True, you don't 'need' a special tire, but they do make them. I think they offer these tires to solve some of the problems of using a standard bike tire such as: more contact surface with a smooth tire versus a standard treaded tire, and thicker rubber for a longer life.

Ah, it all makes sense now.

Ok, that makes sense. I did have a feeling that you could use special tires if you wanted.

Re: Ah, it all makes sense now.

Make sure you check out for some cool ideas....Mainly motorized scooters but still awesome info.

Re: the weed whacker thing (clearing things up)

I have a weed eater motor mounted on a mountain bike. The motor that I used was a Homelite 25cc. The shape and configuration of the motor makes it easier to mount to a bike. The one that I have sits over the motor and uses a jack shaft to power the bike. The tire scrubbers like this tend to ware the tires out fairly quickly. If you are gentle with the throttle, it isn't as bad. I bout a mounting kit off of ebay for about 100.00 and purchased a used motor from Lowes. After building it, I had to have a moped. There is a bike kit called a whizzer that might be a little faster (maybe a lot faster) and a little more dependable. If you look around the web, there are a lot of kits and a lot of differant ways to build one.

Good luck with you project.

BTW: I still use mine when I go on Bike rides. It is nice to be able to speed off after someone passes you on one of those fancy high dollar bikes. You do get great gas milage too. I carry a small container of gas (mixed) in the holder for a water bottle on the bike.

Re: the weed whacker thing (clearing things up)

Look on Ebay with the search word "Bike motor" There is almost always something on there that you can look at.

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