60cc/70cc big bore kits?

OK...so I am ignorant as to how these speed kits work.

I would like to make my ped (1978 Puch Magnum MK II) go faster...but I do not want it to then make it illegal or have to get a motorcycle license and insurance. I live in Missouri and mopeds are supposed to be 50cc and under and only go 30mph.

Would a cop know if I had a 60 or 70cc moped rather than 50cc? I(I don't think cops around here even know what a moped is but...) Can someone help me with this?

Also, how hard are the kits to install? (Remember, I have little knowledge on how to do anything on my ped)

Thanks in advance for all your help,


P.S. Here is the link to Missouri laws regarding mopeds.



Re: 60cc/70cc big bore kits?

Yes it is ileagle to have more than 50cc od displacement in a moped in MO.

The cop will know when he clockes you at 45 MPH, which is also illeagle.


More Power? (Hills)

OK so it is illegal...but is there a way to get a bit more power w/out a kit. (for hills, mainly)

Re: More Power? (Hills)

XBrandon EdgeX /

For hills, you could put different sprockets on it. A smaller one on the engine and/or a bigger one on the rear wheel will give you more power, but take away some top speed. Is your bike a two-speed? If so, you should have more than enough power for the hills anyway. Re-gearing it would give it unbelieveable low-end torque!

Re: More Power? (Hills)

Yes, it is a 2-stroke.

It gets up hills fine it just slows down considerably. I don't mind so much when I have the road to myself but when someone is following me they kind of ride my a**.

Maybe they could give me a push. ;)

Re: More Power? (Hills)

I have such a kit on my tomos. i usually ride it about half throttle and then when a hill comes i give about 3/4. the kit delivers and amazing amount of power. i could go up any hill a dirtbike could on my moped. i have done 50 mph on flat ground at half throttle. but i just reshaped my transfer ports so i could go 55-60 at half throttle....keeping in mind all these mesurements were taken with two devices... one a bicycle speedo and 2 a radar gun(thanks to a cop friend) i painted my kit black so the cops wont hassle me and i usually go slow (30) in the nieghborhood and then i go fast on main roads....get the kit...VERY WORTH IT!!!!

i havent yet tried it full out(im too damn scared)


Re: 60cc/70cc big bore kits?

SteelToad /

In Delaware, 50cc is also the limit. But... I ride all the time on the highway at

40-50 mph along state and town cops and get nothing but smiles or laughs.

I've even gone through a speed trap doing 45 in a 45 zone (lucky) and the two

town cops just laughed at each other when they saw my speed and what I

was riding past them on.

This isn't to say that a cop wont give you a hard time if he's having a bad day or

just has a bad attitude. For the most part though, unless they ride a ped

themselves, they'll never know.

Re: More Power? (Hills)

Reeperette /

I am surprised no one mentioned a performance exhaust - they are legal for "mopeds" in some states as long as the end result complies with Db level at max RPM, and Top speed/Horsepower fall within the parameters.

And you can maybe fudge that a little, but that's up to you.


Re: More Power? (Hills)

Rich King /


One of the easiest ways to increase your speed is LOSE WEIGHT. But for the kind of speed you are probably looking you'd have to become anorexic and probably then some. ( Hey I could pass that line up).

Seriouysly, I've got a 76 PUCK Maxi w/a 70cc kit and a biturbo exhaust. Yes, it is illegal in VA,on a Moped (less than 50 cc and not more than 35mph). I did it to mine to just to pull me up the steep hills surrounding my town so that I can get to the commuter train station. Yes, the instalation of the kit is difficult(a lot of hey watch this!, and some compound curse word sentences because the fit is "not exactly". You might want to try just the biturbo first as suggested by Rep..

A couple of cops have looked at my set up and didn't notice anything strange, however a when motorcycle traffic cop looked at it, he knew exactly that the engine had been modified. He just grinned and asked me how fast would it go. I told him I didn't know and asked him to call me the next time he set up radar near my town and we would both find out. To date, he hasn't called. You know, I think it'd be worth the price of a speeding ticket to find out. For sure, I'd frame the speeding ticket. Also, can you imagine the look on the Judge's face when he reads,"Mr. K you"re change w/speeding 49 mph in a 25 miles zone on.... on a Moped??.. how do you plead? Uha, Officer is this correct was the plaintiff speeding on a Moped??" But then again, what's not funny is all of the money for fines I might have to fork over. (Illegal motorcycle, no registration, no tags, no insurance, no mc license option on my DMV license, and speeding plus 3 pts. against my DVM license).

Good luck w/increasing your speed.


Re: More Power? (Hills)

I have a 2001 Targa and recently put a slick Bi-turbo along with new jets in the carb. On flat ground i can make it up to 43-45, and up small inclines i can easily cruise at 30 - 32, but I am 120 lbs. So i have one hell of an advantage. When riding my friend's Targa with the 70cc kit (and bi-turbo) hills are NOT A PROBLEM at all, i can burn it up hills at speeds of 40 MPH, with lots of power and punch. Police usually don't know weather or not it has the 70cc kit, IF THEY KNEW, the only things that would throw them off is the silver cylinder head, and possibly the carb, but the cylinder head can easily be painted black with high-temperature tolerance paint. You wanna see how fast you can go? Find a long flat road with speed-traps (those stands with a big red LED/LCD display which says how fast you;re going), and then ride your moped past it (obviously).

Also a question to whoever said their moped can reach 60 MPH, I wanna know WHAT you did AFTER the 70cc kit, do you have the speed sprocket, or what- and is the Targa's brake system sufficient stopping power for your performance ped?


Re: More Power? (Hills)

i was the one who did the stuff to my moped. it hits 50 at half throttle on level ground with the original sprocket. i gassed it once and hit a nice 57. then 2 days ago i reshaped the transfer ports to match the kit. the added preformance is unbelieveable!!! i can cruise 45 up a STEEP hill at half throotle. havnt gassed it quit yet. but im working up to it. if anyone else has questions email me at the my adress.


Re: More Power? (Hills)

ok im from canada and in the lawless great white north you can have a "ped" with up to a 60cc motor and go up to 90kmh(55mph). a freind has a targa lx with a huge 100cc large bore kit (i dont no where he got it) and a new custom tranny.This thing goes 80mph tops,but he has allso upgraded the brakes and suspenson.he actualy got nailed fot going 75 kmh in a 60 zone and the officer waved the fine because he did it on a moped!

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