Putting a weed whacker engine on bike

Hey I saw a reply to one of my messages saying someone had put a weed eater engine on a mountain bike or something, i wanna know how this is possible, i have a 32cc weed whacker engine and i dont see how it can be done. wanna explain? thanks.


waste of time

Oh...it can be done dude... it just is not worth it.

those "stick in an engine from something else projects" are time consuming and always half-assed... and they always have several problems because the 2 things weren't meant to be together.

Find an old moped in somebodies garage and buy it... then get it running... you will be way better off... and have a lot more fun.

Re: waste of time

I know someone who put a lawn mower engine on a bike, it ran good for a while then the carb caught fire or something and the thing went on fire, its dangerous, invest your money in a moped.

Re: waste of time

you cna buy a kit to put an engine on a bike. you dont have to do it yourself. sorry i dont have a company name or url..maybe searche for it


A great past time

Miniengine /

I mounted a steam engine on a bicycle once and it would go 12 MPH for 30 minutes on one firing of the boiler. The only problem I had was that I could only ride in a 50 foot circle around the boiler because I cut my supply hose so short. I look back in time and often wonder what it would have felt like riding around in a 300 foot circle.

Just kidding gang.

leaf blowers

The Moped Gawd....... hic! /

allright ... one of you nuts needs to strap your neighbors 210mph leaf blower to the back rack on your ten speed and tell us how fast that bad boy gets going....KAY ???

I figure if it has ten speeds.. the 210 mph would be increased to 2100mph...right?

shoot... at that speed I could get to work and back so fast I should be able to do 5 days work in 2 days or so...right?

Miguel.... hand me another beer... the first 9 didn't do the trick!

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