The Art of "Percussive Maintainence".

Reeperette /

Ok...I admit it...I completely lost my cool on the damn thing.

It's been driving me up the wall for a while now, simply refusing to run....and yon mantra ("it's only an engine") isn't really suited to bad tempered folks with a wrench in their hand.

Especially not frustrated folks with a moped that won't run for no explicable reason whatsoever.

And begins...

"You clang thrice-damned clank piece of whack miserable thump misbegotten clang yugoslovian wham JUNK! slamslamslam...either you whack start and clang run for me clank or your ass wham is going to the SCRAPYARD! whamwhamwham and I get a NEW bike whack that friggin RUNS! do clang or die clank dammit! kick......pop..pop.poppopop..Grrrr...bruummmm, bipbipbip, Rmmmmm..."

And the damn thing started, easy as that.

It really makes you wonder, don't it ?

Let's see how long, and I still welcome any CLUE what the hell is wrong with it.


Re: The Art of "Percussive Maintainence"

jamie leonard /

Sometimes a good booting can help with any issue. If not to fix it, at least it'll make you feel better! :)

Re: The Art of "Percussive Maintainence"

XBrandon EdgeX /

LMFAO!!! Whenever I do that, whatever I was working on gets even more broken. What size hammer does a Bing carburator require? :)

Re: The Art of "Percussive Maintainence"

gimmyjimmy /

good beat, easy to dance to.

hang in there dude, it will start.

Re: The Art of "Percussive Maintainence"

Miniengine /

Just hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and reboot. Oh wait, that's how you fix Microsoft problems not yugoslov problems!!!!

Re: The Art of "Percussive Maintainence"

I guess that just shows how many tools any toolbox really needs. Just be sure not to forget the duct tape.

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