You think YOU got problems ?

Reeperette /

Here's a total slam-down stumper.

This'll drive ya nutz, Fred.

1995 Tomos Targa TTLX - 21,550+ Miles (stop laughin, it's true!)

For no apparent reason, simply begins to have extreme difficulty starting, and problems with the engine just dying without apparent cause.

Problem originally seemed clogged exhaust, cleaned and replaced exhaust, removed baffle to prevent recurrance of problem.

Damn thing still didn't start, or would, then wouldn't...and still dies for no apparent cause.

Checked ignition coil (CDI Style) - readings intermittent, sometimes enough juice, sometimes not...always SOME, but usually not enough to fire the plug.

Checked Voltage regulator - perfect.

Checked Kill switch for short - none.

Checked wiring for continuity - perfect.

Checked CDI timing (old method, which is somewhat estimated, yes) - it appears to be dead-on.

Checked plug, tried with...Bosch W7BC, Bosch W8AC, NGK B6HS, NGK BP5HS, Champion L86, again...firing was completely intermittent, save for the W7BC, which would hardly, if ever - fire.

(mind, the manual that came with THIS targa called for a W8BC, which is not at all the correct plug, and the W7's were all that could be found locally.)

Ordered coil from MopedJunkyard...order changed without customer authorisation to an italian part which when hooked up, failed utterly to function...whatsoever.

(Shipper stated wrong part was ordered, and chose to substitute supposedly "correct" part for a 95 Targa...which it is certainly not.)

Checked generator function after testing and getting reading of no-voltage with new "supposedly" correct part - generator putting out 12v,80w - perfect.

Checked cable from coil to plug - full continuity.

Check plug cap, loose, corrosion...cleaned and repaired, no appreciable effect either way.

Ordered the correct part from a forum member, which did work as it came off a working moped, installed.

Vehicle nearly starts...I can HEAR it trying to catch..but does not.

It did start one time, ran..but would not start after that.

After several good kicks, the back pressure increases (you can feel it on the pedals) , and it will produce a small backfire....but will not start.

Carb removed, cleaned, replaced - no appreciable effect.

Exhaust again removed, cleaned, replaced - no appreciable effect.

Exhaust port at lower cylinder cleaned - no appreciable effect.

Compression checked - compression solid, no leakage.

Fuel flow checked - working perfectly.

Airflow checked - no obstructions.

No way to check the mixture in this case, but it ran quite well previously and is running a #51 Jet.

Anyone wanna tell me what the bloody hell could possibly be WRONG with this damn thing ???

Fred, you saw the onset of the problem yourself, any ideas ?

Cause this is drivin me BONKERS!


Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Hi, Ree, i have ran into the intermitten problems on the electronic ignition, on autos, an replaced the electronic box...on and on... and come to find out it was the pick coil in distributor. Did you ck the unit under flywheel? Doug D.

Re: You think YOU got problems ?

I have no ideas. But all i can say is: DAMN, my 2001 Targa is having a hard time surviving on it's way to 5,000 km! If Yours got over 20,000 MILES, you should be extremely happy with the way your Targa works, ever think of starting fresh, from say: 0 mi? It maybe the best for you, don't be affraid to let go, it may be the time. Anyways, good luck getting it started, I know how it feels to be in a stuck position.


Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Hi,Ree! Did you try another spare coil? See if IT's STILL intermittent and that will eliminate that possibility.Coils are funny things.It wouldn't be an intermittent connection at the taillight ,would it? And could the CDI be getting hot and quitting? That's all I have,Ree ! I'm gonna listen for Fred or Ron to jump in on this one! BYE!

Re: You think YOU got problems ?

I'll stop by here sometime soon and give my 2 cents.

Might bring my tools too.

Can't say when right now.

I should still have your number.

How did your ex's ped turn out?

Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Reeperette /

The Ex's ?

It runs, but they wound up having to take it apart again..and then again....first to clean the carb and filter again...then to blast out the rusty tank with compressed air....I gave em a coupla bits of advice on that and all.

Predictably...they put the float in upsidedown when they put it back together, and then wondered why it was leaking I re-iterated "pointy end UP"..again...women, bah.

It runs great, save for the old "loose nut at handlebars" problem....if you know what I mean...heh.

I would send her a shop manual, but since she's afraid to take a wrench to it...welll.....

Anyhows, it runs well enough.

Oh..and I shall be out of town from the 20th to the 25th, out in Eau we'll have to work out scheduling when I get back.


Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Reeperette /

Actually...I've never worn a moped out, Wisky...and some of mine have topped 20,000 and then some, it's just a matter of good, solid maintainence.

I would really like to see if I could put one past 100,000 miles...and then call guinness.


Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Ron Brown /


That could be a hoot. Let me know the schedule.


Re: You think YOU got problems ?

Reeperette /

Gee...engines, tools...and possibly beer.

A testosterone-fest waiting to happen....sounds like fun.

Damn thing seems to work ok now.....but it would be nice to try to trace this problem in case it happens again.


(Actually it's gonna be cola fer me...Beer + Moped = Road Rash, which sucks.)

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