outboard motor oil

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Can I use outboard 2 cycle oil (TC-3) and gas mix in my ped?

Re: outboard motor oil

Yep, it meets all the requirments. Doug D.

outboard motor oil ??... YES

I use oil that says right on it "Two-Cycle Engine Outboard Engine Oil" (by Citgo)

It also says right on it that it is recommended for boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and all lawn equipment

This is in my high HP 2 stroke racing motorcycles ... so it has to be good enough for little low output mopeds.

I get NO carbon build up

and NO spark plug fouling

and my engine went 130 hours of running before it reached the .004" piston clearance recommendation by Yamaha

and the piston and cylinder both looked beautiful at that time

I have had "experts" give all kinds of preudo-science jargon as to why you shouldn't... but I don't believe a word of it.

I have evidence to prove otherwise.

By the way... '2 stroke" is the correct terminology (despite the label that says "two cycle")

Re: outboard motor oil ??... YES

Hi! Like Fred I've been using outboard oil,only it's Pennzoil synthetic and it works fantastic,with NO build-up.But on a newly overhauled engine I'd forgo the synthetic until break-in is over.That's just my overly cautious self talking.BYE !

Re: outboard motor oil ??... YES

why do you ask? did your track auto stop selling the regular castrol 2 stroke oil too? the outboard stuff is all they sell at my track auto.

Re: outboard motor oil ??... YES

gimmyjimmy /

no Mike, I thought it might be a better oil since it's suppose to burn cleaner (less water pollution) and when Doug, Fred and Don agree, I'm going for it!, thanks fellas.

Besides, it's on sale at the local ACE hardware store for 50 cents a quart, im gonna grab me up a case. What da hellsa track auto stop, like a pep boys?


Re: outboard motor oil ??... YES

Doug Davidson /

Hi, They got a brand out called Quicksilver, 2-cycle that I heard was good, sold by the better boat shops, But never read the lable as to synthetic or regular. There is also a real cheap brand that I think is made from recycled oil, bear away from it, problems in every can..HA! Doug D.

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