QT50 parts

oh well, i just got off the phone to a m8 that was meant t obe getting me a new cylinder and piston for my QT50 and he says that the parts that he got are not quite right :( we ordered parts for a PW50 which were meant to be similar but the bore and stroke are slightly different. so if any1 in the UK has a piston and cylinder for a yamaha QT50 lying around that they want to sell then please get in touch as i am having difficulty locating these parts, also i need a back wheel for the ped as the 1 that is on it is fairly rusty, it has been sitting outside since 1995, it is however in VERY good condition and has no rust on the frame and since it has oinly done a couple of hundred miles i am very enthusiastic to get it back on the road. look forward to hearing from you.

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