Survival guide

Wayne Broderick /

Any other good tips? I've found that travelling on the right of the road in or near the bike lane you need to be really careful about people taking a right turn, without using their blinkers

Re: Survival guide

Reeperette /

Where do you think I learned that Crash-Stop or 45-slid manuver ?

Yeah, folks pulling in front of you to make an unsignaled right turn is a problem...but not as much of one as you'd think if yer really alert.

Watch the brake lights, and be prepared if the brake lights of a car passing you come on, that's about the best you can do in that case.


Re: Survival guide

gimmyjimmy /

yeah Ree, ain't that the truth...I guess that could be called the "blind spot"....blind to bikers.

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