Honda Melody

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<HTML>I have been given a Honda Melody. Before I start it, could anyone tell me if it is two stroke or four stroke?

Under the seat is the petrol tank and also an oil tank. What oil do I put in the oil tank?

Any other information would be helpful.


RE: Honda Melody


put some two-stroke oil in it

you can get by with chain saw stuff or

lawn boy junk. mix it 40 or 50 to 1 which

works out to 1 ounce or 30cc of oil to

1/3 gallon of gas, gas should be 92 octane or the best you can buy. don*t

buy the cheap gas at 87 octane because

it may not run on it.

take the spark plug out and plug it up

to the ignition wire and lay the plug on top

of the cylinder head and kick away. you

should see a spark flash across the

electrode. if not, start troubleshooting.</HTML>

RE: Honda Melody

<HTML>its a four stroke if it has a bulky cylinder

head. a two stroke would have a kinda

flat head with fins on it . the spark plug

would be in the middle of 4 bolts that hold

the head on. </HTML>

RE: Honda Melody

Stefan Potepa /

<HTML>Thanks leo,


RE: Honda Melody

<HTML>the melody is a 2 stroke engine

and what colour is yous and what reg</HTML>

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