sorry for 2 in a row... exhaust?

is there a bi-turbo or something like that for my moped? a 79' puch magnum mk 2? cuz i want a new bad-ass exhaust... but i can't find one... lol.


Re: sorry for 2 in a row... exhaust?

XBrandon EdgeX /

You might be able to get one for a Maxi to work, but the Magnum has a wierd head and cylinder so it won't fit without some modifications. What you could do is take a stock Magnum exhaust and a biturbo, cut the stock exhaust tube to the same length as the biturbo tube, then cut the expansion chamber/silencer part off of the biturbo and weld the two together.

Re: sorry for 2 in a row... exhaust?

I have one that I had to "modify" before I upgraded my engine.

Drop me an email if you want it.


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