then my next question is

how long do gel cells last?


hmm dirtbike suspension maybe?

Re: suspension?

Depends on how big they are and what you're running off them. I didn't recharge mine very often when I was running the 80W Kraco amp on it. Maybe like twice a month. That was with a 7.5 amp/hour battery.

Re: then my next question is

Gel Cells are rated in Ah or "amp hours". This is how many hours the battery will power 1 amp of constant drain. Or, conversely, how many amps you can run on the battery for 1 hour.


15 Ah = 15 amps for 1 hour or 3 amps for 5 hours etc.

I've found Ah ratings to be somewhat overconfident. Voltage drops as power is depleated and towards the last few amp hours of life lights will dim or devices may give "low battery warnings".

It all depends on how much $$$ you are willing to spend and how much weight you want to carry. Some gel cell 12v batteries run 50 Ah. (but they weigh about 40 lbs.)



sounds liek my plans i told you for the qt :)

sounds liek i have spread the disease!

good luck,


thanks :)

yeah i'm gonna need it hehehe good luck with your qt too man. yours is a harder nut to crack cuz everything will have to be one off but you can do it :)


ok so i've been persuaded to do this project to a magnum as opposed to a maxi. my question is how will this affect things? basically all i envision is a bit more welding of the front end. anything else?


yeah its goign to be hard, but i have a lot of time and love to do it.

its easy to do things that you love.


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