hey that IS neat

how'd ya do it? gimme the dirty details hehehe

Re: hey that IS neat

i know you can go to radioshack and buy a full wave rectifier. It has four pronges, two for the AC, and two put out the same voltage DC. Hook the DC pronges in parallel with a capacitor and there you go. I did it on my tomos silver bullet converted to 12V CDI.

an interesting concept...

sounds interesting... i know avery bloom had something along those lines done on his tfr... but i've since learned the tfr is 12v anyways so it kinda doesn't really count does it LOL...

Re: hey that IS neat

Wulf is right. A full-wave bridge doesn't step-up voltage. It only changes the alternating current to direct current.

I haven't heard of any 12v dynamo conversions for Puchs, but, I wouldn't doubt it (I've seen them for BSA and Triumph M/Cs).


Re: hey that IS neat

Check out this huge thread: https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/read.php?f=1&i=109615&t=33822 In it, Wayne posts about how he's making his own moped stereo system. I follow in his footsteps later on (this is before the ape hangers and stuff). Then another guy makes one for his scoot. Plenty of info and pics.

Re: hey that IS neat

yo matt where did u pik up that battery and for about how much? i got a small tractror battery but its akward cuz of the acid and is slighly larger than my rack...thnx

Re: hey that IS neat

I got it at a local battery store...they sell car batteries, RC batteries, all kinds. It was like $25 if I remember right. It's great cause you can mount it sideways, upside down, whatever, without worrying about leaks.

Re: hey that IS neat (gel-cells!)

Hey guys, just popped into this thread, noticed the hyperlink to the mega stereo thread.

It's important to add keywords to the title... for searching later and for flagging the interest of people who are interested.

enough blah blah blah lecturing about feywords..., I'm gonna find out what this thread's all about.

cheers. I've read the posts from matt and that's it.

I can say he's right about the battery. I've never heard of anyone buying the right gel-cell and being unhappy--- unless they have a crummy charger and cook the plates (been there done that).

Not only is the unsealed lead acid a hazard it's not designed for a long pull... more like a huge boost to the coil to start it. Gel-cells act more like trollling batteries... a fair amount of power for a long time, lots of deep cycles for extra amps.

I started all my gizmos with the cheap wal-mart motorcycle batteries and later found out why they died out so fast.. designed for a short power boost and then everything's run off magneto while the battery recharges... gel cells are made with different applications in mind.


dream project (GPS & 6 to 12v convert)

I don't know what's available, but that's a darn interesting gadget. What kind of functionality does it offer? this could be an answer to those troublesome "how do I go cross country on a moped" threads.

Do you have a link to what GPS you're looking at? I'd love to check it out.

I'm really good with electronics but still a bit of an amateur when it comes to converting a motor vehicle from 6v to 12v-- is that a pain or?? I'd be worried about extra heat and maybe resistance...

If you did convert to a 12v system the GPS probably functions on just a few volts so you'd need to take down the current.. though it would be awesome if it came with a 12v outlet jack or something.

yeah, totally interested in the GPS model and the conversion of 6 to 12 and what that involves-- and do you lose a lot of amps or... fill me in, much appreciated.


my dream project (front disc brakes)

sorry if these are old Q's, I seem to have picked up on a really good thread a few days late.

experts, correct me if I'm wrong-- won't he need to add a Tomos revival front end or a dirtbike forks to get discs? I mean, if you could just bolt on a disc everyone would be doing it.

We all talk about stopping power.. I think from everything I've read here a totally different front end would be required to get a disc.. or a seriously custom rim??

you're modding the front anyway, maybe good idea to look for a smallish junkerw/discs and with a good front end?


Re: headlite (from an old caddy!! no!)

dude that's gonna kill your whole system way, way too many amps and it's designed to handle the resistance a 13v caddy is gonna power.

noooooooo.......don't do it...

I would look into multiple pure white led's or just a sweet aftermarket MC light.

that caddy light is gonna be a bad idea no matter how you slice it.

ah well just want it for the looks

hehehe just want that big ole honkin lite look

yeah i seen the triumph ones

yeah the ones for triump are apparently so easy they're almost plug n play... heheh

no not yet

my search paramenters are as follows:

a gps you can hookup to a ciggie liter (the car ones, that's how i was gonna run it into the magneto)

one you can hook into a computer to plan a trip in detail

one that if all else fails will take batteries...

now the more i think about it though the more i feel gel cells are the way to go. I mean a 12v system would be awesome but ass matt said the gel cells take away alot of hassle...


i found a guy who may be able to get me a revival setup, but i may look into wheels with a disc already involved... not sure yet, this is really just the formative stage of my plan. The one thing i absolutely WON'T compromise on is a springer front end. that is the overall look i've decided that's the overall look i want for the bike.

Re: ah well just want it for the looks

Don Pflueger /

i'll sell ya the headlight and brackets from my 78 kz650sr.

Re: from another forum i got this

Robert Blackmon /

donp said in a nother thread i would have to go to a 40-1 mixute. i just dont understand why, since the moped will be rwejetted, why should it need more oil?

Re: from another forum i got this

Don Pflueger /

well if your going to increase the displacement and stuff, you need to increase your oil input. an injector cant do it, so you should disconnect it, and run a 40:1 premix. keep in mind that with oil injection, while traveling uphill, you have the throttle wide open, dumping in more fuel and air, while the oil pump is turning at a slower rate due to the fact that its mechanically driven off the engine, makeing it run dangerously lean. but when going down hill, your throttle is closed, and the engine is turning at a fast rate, dumping excess oil into the cylinder.

hehehe a neg and a neg equal a positive

heheheh like multiplying negatives lmao


pix? and how much


well 15 was just a round number. 14 would be just as cool. i just want the cool LA lowrider look then again i haveta check on whatever disc break setup i get to determine size...

although going with 19s would be amusing too

heheheh huge wide ass tires and what not

Re: my dream project

19mm carb would work a little better

they make bings that big bro?

bing is the only carb that fits on a puch as far as i know and as far as i know about bings the biggest is a 15.... something i am missing?

How's this for insane?

You could always just use a 1:2 step-up transformer from any electrical supply place. Built to work on AC households. They are designed for voltages upto 220 (from 110) and like 5-10 amps, so they should handle your bike output easily.

Shouldn't be too difficult to figure out some way to attach the connections with spade terminals or such.


They cost about $4.99

You will lose a power feed. From memory, there are only 3 power feeds on a Puch; brake lgt/horn, running lamp and headlamp aside from the coil feed. So you'd have to decide which you want to increase to 12v and drop to half amperage. And if you keep running a 20 watt bulb on it as well, it might kill the power (turn-off) your GPS. E.g. not enough current to power both items simultaneously (whichever has the higher resistance will lose out).

Oh, and you'll still need to use a rectified bridge ($2) to convert the circuit to DC.

No batteries to charge and very cheap. But then you've got this ugly box hanging from your bike's frame you'll need to hide somewhere, but still smaller then a gel cell (which you'd also need to hide).

Just a thought.



how bout wiring a gel cell into the mag? wouldn't that give you the benefit of a battery with the charging capacity of the bike?


Tyler Jacobson /

i found thes little disk brake calipers on ebay that are for go carts and riding mowers the go for like 15 bucks look like you could use them to set something up just not sure what to use for rotors

disc break stuff

ok the pic on this site? it's exactly how i wanna do it. what do i need and what do i need to do?

answer to the disc break issue

according to another part of 76puch it's a brembo disc break conversion. there's that solved...

Re: hrm

The dynamo puts out too much current for the gel cell. You need something that charges by milliamps.

A cell-phone or other ac adapter you can get at electronics stores should work to re-charge off of a home outlet, assuming you modify the connection on the battery side.

(look for something around a 6v 15mA rating)


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