my dream project

ok this is my dream setup. what i'm asking of you all is to tear my ideas to shreds looking for problems and where my ideas are lacking giving suggestions. my plan is to do this to a puch maxi

frame:rake is about 35 degrees and trail bout n 1.5 inches of trail (that's just a guesstimate)

find a springer front end off an old small MC (like a junked indian arrow or some such)


athena reedvalve 70cc kit

speed crank (any suggestions on make or type?)

12v magneto so i can run a gps center mounted on the apehangers

15mm carb with anywhere from 55 to 60 main jet (dunno how to balance the fuel flow gimme some info)

misc: turn signals, front disc break (which i need SERIOUS help on as i know nothing about them), and any suggestions on paint would be cool

thanks in advance

oh yeah (addendum)

15 inch semi slick tires

Re: oh yeah (addendum)

Tyler Jacobson /

cool i wanna know about making a disc brake set up too... oh and gps is neat idea hey how wide is a puch round headlight i cant measure mine cause my bike is still stolen.

dont paint get it powdercoated looks so sick


oh yeah i forgot to mention headlight.... since i am gonna put a 12v on it i figured an old school caddy lite would be pimp

i dunno but i think 4 inches

i'm not sure i'll have to measure it when i get mine back i got a guy wrenchin mine but i think the cobra's is 4 inches

Re: oh yeah (addendum)

I have a 16 x 2.75" sava tire and garelli wheel on the back of my puch and a 24" x 1.5"? bicycle rim/tire up front.

To do the wide rear wheel, you need to modify the rear swing arm because the inside gets very narrow where it meets the body (I imagine it's probably more difficult if you have a rigid frame).

It's disigned sort of like a V <-where the bottom of the v meets with the bike. You need to turn it into more of a U.

On mine, I removed the swing arm, cut and bent it so the wheel would clear and then re-welded it at the new angles.

I also chopped the rear fender to clear the tire movement since it's a soft-tail upward travel would cause the tire to scrape.

I don't see a problem with raking a moped. They are pretty much crap for low speed maneuverability as is and high speed wobble isn't an issue (unless you know how to get a moped to do 60mph). 35 deg. sounds good to me.

Problems. As a chopper, my puch is impossible to pedal any good distance.


Re: my dream project

I've heard of people using mountain bike, front disc brakes on mopeds without too much modification... The coolest thing would be to get a Revival one, but I don't think those aren't easy to come by I hear.

Re: oh yeah (addendum)

well i wanted to use 15 inch tires, to give the bike a lowriderish look. as for welds i'll have to talk that over with my friend the welder hehehe i dunno nuffin about welds... as for 60 mph apparently ChrisMWH tuned and kitted a maxi to the point of it doing 62 mph... but i dunno if that's true or not. anyways thanks for the info :):)

no they aren't

been askin around... no one wants to rob a revival for parts.... don't these moped sellers know what a damn parts bin is? lmao

Re: no they aren't

If you use 15 inch tires, you're going to want a bigger front / smaller rear sprocket to compensate, otherwise your top speed won't be that great.

teeth suggestions?

takin mad notes here hehehe got any specific teeth suggestions?

Re: teeth suggestions?

No, I have no idea :-P

Re: teeth suggestions?

Yeah also I'd second the powdercoat thing. If you're going to this much trouble to make an ultra-ped, do it right and totally disassemble (sp?) it, then have the frame and fenders powdercoated into a custom color scheme that looks freaking awesome.


i had this idea to of painting it so that it faded from white t black from top to bottom.... thought that would be kickass too...

Re: my dream project

Luke Evans /

sissy bars :) and maybe them blue neon lights for the underside of cars?!!?!?!?!??!?! :D proper pimp machine

I have never seen......

.....a moped with 15" tires, I don't believe.Haven't read the previous posts though.

Are there some readily available? The Honda Express,Suzuki FA, and QT 50s use 14",right? And from there I always just saw 16, 17, 18,19". don-ohio (:^)

now MY dream project

Robert Blackmon /

i am actually thinkin of starting this project soon, just want to know what all i need to be watchful for before: taking a stock maxi, putting 70cc airsal kit, hi performance air filter on there, 70cc high compression head, and a proma circuit exhaust. is all i would have to do after installing this be to do some plug chops to kno what jet to use, and then after that, take no other precautions? o and what would the jet range be?

Re: my dream project

Timmy Southpark /

Don't do apehangers, they look very uncomfortable. If i was to custom a puch, i'd chop it and take a bmx setpost (22.2mm) and put those on as a handlebar. Your front end would rise, but your handle bars would be low, and comfortable. Also, make sure you put a fat rear wheel on there, it'll look stupid if you leave the stock rear wheel on it. thats my input, but do what you like best.

Re: my dream project

Apehangers are not uncomfortable, at least not on my Peugeot 103. They are actually much more comfortable than my stock bars, but that's mostly because you have to sit really far back on my long seat. Definitely more unstable have to take turns much less aggressively.

Re: my dream project

hey does anyone have any clues on where or how to powdercoat? especially in the north nj/ny area...thanks'

go all out wolfman i see where ur goin and i wanna design my ped to look nice now too (in process of polishing and gettin cool parts)....ive tried hooking things up to MY electrical sys b4 w/o much luck (tomos) so im hoping it does better on ur ped...

Re: my dream project

Look for powder coating companies in your area (yellow pages) or you can buy kits from eastwood. But you really need a seperate oven. Your parents or significant other won't look too kindly on you curing powdercoat in the oven they cook in. : )


from another forum i got this

well the jet range according to some people on should be whatever equates to about 68 on a dellorto which they say should be about 80 on a bing. don't forget to show pix along the way dude :)

that or

either that or get a set of drag bars hehehe but i was thinking of going with baby apehangers so i could mount the gps between them and just look down at a stop sign as opposed to having to look down and to the side.

i've been told that...

i've been told that it's really easy to put a 12v system on a puch, not sure about tomos systems but no one i know can figure out how to do a 6v regulator setup so 12v it is


i didn't even know you COULD powdercoat at home. thought the heat was like blast furnace temps...

on a diff note, yer an electrical smarty pants, you tell me this, would it be remotely possible to do the whole gps thing on a 6v system?

Re: i've been told that...

6v regulator for what?

You can not get 12 from 6 volts without going to a step-up transformer. There are sites on the web on how to build them, and some motorcycle shops sell them ~$80 -$60. Looks like a 4"x 5" box with heat sinks on it.

Once again, the problem is that if you have a 24 watt bosche dynamo, you still are limited to 24watts. So converting to 12v this way will net you 2 amps of total power.

You can probably convert a 6v bosch dynamo to 12v just by adding more permanent magnets to the inside of the fly wheel. But without bench testing or imperical data on a "how-to" I wouldn't want to try it.

Then you'll have to convert the coil a 12v unit (lest you destroy the coil or the points) as well as all of the lighting horn.



i was told you could swap a 6v magneto for a 12v one. guy made it sound easy. I wanted to put in a 12v system so i could run a gps off the bike itself.

Re: hmm

You could always buy a 12V rechargeable battery and use that. Probably easier.

yeah prolly

but that'd take away from both the challenge of this bike and the overall coolness

Re: yeah prolly

Mmmm...I run my stereo system off a 12V gel-cell battery under my seat. I installed a switch on the top of my saddlebag flap to turn it on and off. Speakers on the handlebars and under the seat. I can run the stereo while the moped is off. I think that's freaking cool, and using a battery in no way detracts from the awesome factor...just saved a lot of trouble.

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