'79 Indian moped--Information

I have spent the last week or so cleaning and getting my moped running. I still have a couple of problems to solve. This is a 79 Indian 4 stroke with 566 miles. It had been sitting inside of a building for 15 years.

I seem to have a slight exhaust leak at the mounting point for the exhaust at the head. Any suggestions on gaskets and how to stop the leak?

This moped also has a compression release lever for starting the bike. This lever seems to leak oil and a spring that sits on the pivot arm doesn't seem to be attached correctly. I want to disasemble the head but I don't know what to use for gasket material or where to look for it, and I don't know how to mount the spring correctly. Any thoughts.

Finally what oil should be used. I replaced the original with straight 30w oil.

Any information will be helpfull. All in all for being 22 years old it's in excellent shape.

Re: '79 Indian moped--Information

Michael L. /

Well I am not familier at all with your moped, but you might want to fix that decompresion valve..if the spring falls out, a part of the valve could fall into the engine and cause some damage (not to mention any damage you might sustain when your engine suddenlly dies while you're on the road). See if you can find a shop manual for your bike from ebay or one of the many mail-order moped shops out there.

Re: '79 Indian moped--Information

Hi,Brian! I can only tell you what I do for gasket material for the exhaust port/pipe.I go to a NAPA store and ask them to match one up that's close.This is a metallic impregnated or sandwiched gasket.When they,or a lawnmower repair shop get a pretty close match,I take it home and use a 4 1/2 " grinder or wheel grinder to trim the excess that's in the way,and I carefully drill the boltholes to fit. If you don't restrict the port with a smaller outlet hole it will work every time.The main mistake people make is letting them sell them the wrong type gasket that won't stand the heat.BYE!

Re: '79 Indian moped--Information

Reeperette /

The indian is a Four-stroke, isn't it ?

I've known two owners, and both of them had complains about oil leakage...so if you fix this problem, please let us know how you did so..cause it seems to be a common issue with them.


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