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Here's a little tip. For tomos's dont use the bosch platinum spark plug. It made mine run so bad. I changed to champion and the thing flies and purrs.Flying Hellcat heh.

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Platinum plugs work best with the automotive high voltage ignitions. I've heard of people using them in old cars with 6 volt eelctrical systems and having the coli go bad..

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SteelToad /

Amen to that I've got an old 331 Hemi 6 volt. First thing I did was put in the "best"

new plugs I could get. Didn't take long at all for the coil to go bad.

I'm about to do maintenance on my Tomos (brakes & fluids) I guess I'll give the

champion plugs a try while I'm at it.

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Reeperette /

I prefer the stock Bosch W8AC myself...although the Champion seems to do a nice job as well.....except for one small oddity.

I had a set of Champion plugs wear our real fast, and the only difference I could find was that the one's that choked on me were made in Canada....since then I have avoided Canadian-Made Champion plugs, and not had a recurrance of the problem.

That might just have been a bad batch, since they were all bought at the same time, but when you only got one plug, don't take chances with it.

And, well...I have had nothing but trouble with NGK plugs, but some folks swear by em, so my best guess is that such is a matter of tuning rather than design.

There is also a Denso plug that'll fit Tomos, and appears to work well if you cannot get anything else, but I don't trust it too far, being that it seems more a lawnmower plug than a moped one, heh.

The OEM plug for them is a Bosna, but I've never seen anywhere that carries those.


Re: Tomos Tip

I don't trust Bosch too much...i got tired of having to carry a spare dozen on my dune buggy. You could pull a bad one and just blow on it and it would start firing. Other brands did great. Champion used to suck (well, 10 years ago or so) but seem to be pretty good now for a lot less $.


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