tomos cloged :<

Abiathar Baugh /

I just found this site today but I read a much amount of posts and dug what everybody is saying. I want to say I found alot of valid point especially on the cop story by mike. I have gotten pulled over for driving a regular bike at night so I no the feeling. Well I have a different dillema, I just got my bike back from the shop and the last thing the machanic did was look at the brakes, but now the coolant is somehow clogged to where if I drive it for more than twenty minutes its fubar.ed. So If anybody has an answer or a way to help please post. Thanx


Re: tomos cloged :<

Hi There, What Tomos do you have? I haven`t seen one with coolant yet....Doug

Re: tomos cloged :<

Reeperette /

Tomos doesn't use a's aircooled by those vanes on the cylinder.

However, if you can give me exact symptoms, as well as year/model...I can maybe tell ya what the problem is.

Best guess on the info I have is possibly a stuck choke.


Re: tomos cloged :<

are you taking about the oil injection? the tank under the seat( some models of peds) you fill with 2-stroke oil( hopefully )

if that is the case STOP driving it now! you will and probibly have ruind it already if this is true

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