smoking on startup

Hey guys (and gals), I fired up my targa lx this morning and it smoked badly forever. It had done this once before when i hadn't ridden it in about 3 or 4 days. This time i hadn't ridden it in 2 days or so. Is there a check-valve or something in the oil injector that could mess up and allow oil to gravity feed into the engine? It clears up after about 5 minutes of riding, but it's awfully embarrassing and can't be too good on the plug and other parts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Re: smoking on startup

Hi Lane, Havent herd from you for awhile, I don`t know about you particular problem, I wondered about the the injector bleeding oil in there also. I beleive you said you got a biturbo, I bought a used one and took it apart to clear, you know, drilled out the rivets, and wow! I bet 75% of the little holes was stopped up, it had no packing so I ordered it, bet it makes a world of differance. I dont think there has even been a post on them stopping up, Ree, give me the idea to check it out, Just thought to let you know it will need some attention....later.. Doug D.

Re: smoking on startup

Your getting oil in the bottom end of your engine while it's setting. Oil injection is nothing more than a hole in your intake manifold with a hose attached to it which in turn is attached to a metering valve that dribbles oil in thru this hole depending on how much you crank on the throttle. There should be some kind of check valve in the line or it might be part of the metering device. A quick fix in you don't have the capital for the repair parts is to put a plug over the hole in your intake, drain the injector tank and just run premix. If you put a cap over the injector port please make sure it's secured tightly and won't come off. A small opening in your intake after the carb will cause your bike to run too lean and will eventually hole your piston.

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