Help with my POS

Carl Wallace /


I got a 1994 Jawa Sport Top tank and i need some help. It run fine, idles fine, but when i give it gas, the engine races but i dont go anyware. It takes forever to get up to speed and i have to run beside it to get the thing up a hill.



Re: Help with my POS

Hi,Carl! Could you have burned out your clutches or could the fluid be really low(if it's a wet type clutch)?

Re: Help with my POS

Jamie Leonard /

It might be the dry type clutch (flywheel) in which case you will need to clean the thing first (there are some notes on here if you do a search, but basically you need to take it apart, clean everything with something that'll get any grease out (if it is a dry type clutch) and then possibly lightly sand with a very very very very fine grade sandpaper

Re: Help with my POS

Reeperette /

Definately a slipping clutch or belt problem.

Check, recondition...possibly replace clutch.

Check belt for slipping, apply belt dressing,maybe replace belt.

Could you have the wrong belt on there, possibly ? the correct one has rubber "teeth" on it, as I recall.


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