Spree Auto Bystarter

I was wondering if a spree could be started (and continue to run) without The auto bystarter working. I just recently got a new carburetor, with the aforementioned piece DOA, I have no Idea where to get a decently priced replacement. I'm no expert when it comes to carburetors, so any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Spree Auto Bystarter

The auto bystarter is what takes the place of the choke on these models. When the engine is cold, it leaves the enrichment jet open. After the the engine (actually the autobystarter's coil) gets warmed up, it closes the jet.

Don't know which way yours failed, either open or closed, but it has to work right or riding will be no fun at all.

Get a hold of the factory shop manual for a procedure to check this unit. you'll need a digital multimeter to check it.


Re: Spree Auto Bystarter

Different Honda scooters use different kinds of bystarters. Some are electrically heated and some use heat from the engine to control the flow of gas. If your scooter has a small metal block with 3 hoses attached mounted on the side of the jug, near the head, it is the kind that uses engine heat. This can become clogged with fuel residues and can be cleaned by flushing it out with carb cleaner. The fuel is delivered from a small chamber at the side of the float chamber, and the hole that feeds fuel from the float chamber to this smaller chamber can become plugged. The electric one can fail and must be replaced if defective.

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