a way..

does anyone know a way to get a moped in the Ajax,ont, canada area for Cheap? l mean like 50$ for a preety good one..?

Re: a way..

Wayne Broderick /

Yep, buy it from a scrap yard and rebuild it...

Seriously though, you could place an ad asking for someone who wantes it out of their garage... ride your bike around the 'hood and look into the open garages to see if there's a ped hidded in there looking for a new owner

It is really hard... but I might approach it like "finding a lost cat" put up flyers, saying "I need a moped" Will pay top dollar (50$ tops). If you know someone with a ped call me.

If it cost 40 bucks to sell the ped in the paper classified, people might not think it's worth it for a 50$ ped.

I doubt you'll have much luck w/ your cost window. Heck, you'd be pressed to get a 10 speed for that

Re: a way..

Jamie Leonard /

Keep in mind too that anything you buy for 40 bucks will still have to registered (and since I VERY much doubt at that price you will get a formal title that means jumping through hoops) For my project jawa it involves going to a notary public and getting an affadavit done saying "This bike was never registered yadda yadda yadda" and that'll end up costing me an extra little bit above what I paid for it... which was still a fair bit above 40 (worth it, it's a nice ride when I finish things :)

Re: a way..

not trying to sound jerky, but 40 fuckin dollars? are you insane? you'd be better off buying one that actually runs... you'll put waaayyyy more into fixing a $40 moped... shit... i mean, sure, half the fun's the restoration, but the other half is the DRIVING. good luck getting a $40 p.o.s. to run...


Re: a way..

Michael L. /

i bought mine for $32 dollars on ebay. '78 peugeot 103sp. of course, it cost 60 bucks to send it to me UPS. i was able to get it running without any extra parts though (it was in pieces but fairly complete). back when i was 6 or 7 my dad bought a moped from a garage sale for 10 bucks. it was a tomos. he got rid of it a long time ago (i REALLY wish he hadnt).. cheap mopeds are out there, but they're not easy to find.

Re: a way..

MAN ! Tell me who shipped that baby to you for 60.00 dollars! That's the lowset I've ever heard of!BYE !

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