still three non working hondas

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OK I don't know how many people remember my last post titled, new to mopeds have three hondas, but I still have em and they still dont work. the weird east german guy actually turned out to be czek or something and he also couldn't get them running, he did however provide me with lots of information as to the nature of the problem. it is infact an electrical problem, he says every thing else works fine, there is some type of generator, of which I had four, that isn't working well, it provides the spark plig with power. I'm being vague because I have no clue what this thingamabob is, it small its black and it's located near the back wheel, that's all I know. I would describe it better but I didn't pay much attention to it while I had the mopeds here and I havent looked at them in two weeks. any help would be appreciated as I have a manual on the way. I bet I could rebuild one of those things if I knew what it was supposed to look like. if new parts are what I need I would also appreciate any help locating them as a couple of people di with helping me locate a manual. thanks to all.

again thanks


Re: still three non working hondas

hey, the "thing" you are looking at is probably the coil or c.d.i. ingition coil. if this is dead simply get an new one and install it. does this "thing" have a long wire coming out of it that goes to the spark plug? if so then this is definitly the coil.

Re: still three non working hondas

I think that it is the coil. thank you mike, it attaches in some way to the spark plug

where do I get one, could I go to a place that sells honda motorcycles

or should I check at a moped only shop, also, how likely is it that I would have four dead "coils" I have four of the parts, none of them seem to work, could it be a problem ahead of the coil, like at a generator of some sort, or wires in between, or the park plug wire. is there a way to test a coil for continuity, like with an ammeter, without the rest of the mopeds electrical in the way. I know some of these questions must be silly. I know that I am new to two stroke engines and small electrical systems.

thanks for any help


Re: still three non working hondas

see that row of words at the top?

click on the one that says resources

then go to articles

find the article called "How to fix your Moped" and read the parts about what to do if you have no spark.

you probably just need to clean and set the points

odds are.. all of your coils are good

if you cannot follow those instructions... then maybe you should have somebody else do the work.

Re: still three non working hondas

thanks fred, I can probably follow the instructions, I was just going on the word of a couple of mechanics who backed out on them.


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