how old?

im very interested in mopeds but im only 14.. could someone tell me the legal age to ride and own a moped in canada - ontario - toronto?

Re: how old?

P.S. if I am too young to own a moped is there someway that i could still get one?

Re: how old?

Well to OWN a moped as far as I know age doesn't matter. I don't have a clue about legal riding age where you are, but I suspect very soon you'll get your answer...


Re: how old?

Jamie Leonard /

In ontario you have to have a drivers license (pretty much anything, even a car learners will do) so you have to be age 16. You could OWN a moped, and only drive it on private property... but in order to drive on public roads you need plates (so ownership transferred and proof of insurance)

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