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Well an old man from around my parts needs a little help on his moped. I don't know much about true mopeds yet so I'm gonna need some help. First off, it's a sach's. On the side it says Yardman and Mo-trek (maybe?). I think it's a 79.

The problem with the moped is that it won't idle and the back wheel is kind of, well sort of, well sometimes, locked up. When you go to just push it the back wheel won't turn and is just sort of locked up. After you peddle and it starts going then the wheel is free. SO I figure the brakes aren't the problem. correct??? Then when he slows down it won't go into an idle. I think that there is something that makes the engine turn over when the rear tire is going a certain speed. Can you adjust that? Is that why it won't idle? Thanks for any help.

Re: Sach's help

Hi,Jess_Monster! Could be that the starter clutch cable is stuck in the pulled position or out of adjustment? Cause if pull that clutch lever and coast to a stop she won't idle in a million years.It engages your motor to your tranny and rear wheel.BYE!

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