The moped creed

Jamie Leonard /

Just a little something I thought I'd toss up on here :)

The Moped Creed


My Moped is not a toy.

My Moped is not a bicycle.

I do not need to drive one of millions of identical metal cages to be "cool"

Life should be seen with wind in your hair, not blurred as it rushes past.

Self reliance is a moped, a jerry can, and a decent set of wrenches.

Life is a road, and unlike everyone else... when I run out of gas

I plan to pedal.

- Jamie

Re: The moped creed

Hi,Jamie! How about adding: ` May we never run out of gas,so we don't wear out our pedals.'?

Re: The moped creed

Jamie Leonard /

Personally on my targa I'm more worried about wearing out my FEET than my pedals :) Not exactly pedal friendly, but fortunately I haven't had to :)

Re: The moped creed

Yeah,Jamie! My MOTOMARINAS are impossible to pedal anyway.But if I run out of gas I've got approximately 8 miles of reserve gas to get to a station or borrow from a farmer or somebody.If you have a cell phone,though,and AAA coverage,they'll bring gas to you.But my favorite is to ask the State Patrol.They'll bring the gas out and give it to you here in Ohio! Can you beat that?!!!

Re: The moped creed

oh man... my pedals are all messed up... i'll be pedaling away, and it'll start kind of missing a beat type thing... it's really weird... like, it's got this one point when it skips, and doesn't need any pressure... it messes up my pedaling rhythm...


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